Why no 8x DVD+RWs?



Perhaps this is only a problem in NZ but a quick look at meritline suggets it’s a bit of a problem in the US as well. It seems to be rather hard to find 8x +RWs. The specs has been complete and drives have been out for quite a while tho. I appreciate that +RWs are in less demand then +Rs so they tend to ‘change’ at a slower rate to +Rs but I would have expected 8x to have resonable availability by now but not really. Anyone care to speculate why?

I’m not particularly sure but are 8x +RWs only writeable at 8x (and perhaps 6x) write speed (similar to CDRWs in some ways)? If so, I guess this would explain it partially. No one wants to produce too many 8x +RWs because they only work in a subset of drives (whereas 16x DVD+Rs should at least be able to burn even if not great quality on 12x and 8x drives for example).

Or are they problematic or something else as well?


The burnspeed will only decrease because there is no appropriate write strategy available or used.
8x +Rw can normally also be burned at 6x and 4x and even at 2.4x. It depends on the firmware support…


They are hard to get in Australia as well. Verbatim have them but I can’t find a single one anywhere. Verbatim 6x -RW is easy enough to get though.


With my NEC 3520A drive, it only supports 6x and 8x speeds on the 8X +RW media. 6x is a fixed 6x speed for the whole burn, while 8x starts at 6x to about the 0.5MB point and then shifts to 8x for the rest of the disc. I found that with Ricoh 8x +RW media and my NEC3520A drive I get good low PIF scans with 6x speed but with 8x speed I get high PIFs for around the speed shift point like the media really needs to go a bit further at 6x speed before switching to 8x speed, or perhaps its the drive. I’ve been using 6x speed with them for that reason now, still 50% faster than the 4x +RW media.

The RIDATA 25pack (Ricoh mediacode) DVD+RW pack is available at online resellers like newegg.com and others.


Yeah although I don’t have any 8x DVD+RW, mediacodeinfo suggests my drive only supports 8x and 6x with most 8x DVD+RW which made me wonder whether 8x DVD+RW is only suitable for burning at 8x and maybe 6x (similar to CDRWs) but chef doesn’t think so.

AFAIK, high PIFs around the speed shift point is common whenever the shift happes. Provided the high PIFs doesn’t continue for a while, I guess it’s a difficult to avoid problem with speed shifts. You mean 0.5MB or 0.5GB?

Yeah I forgot to mention 6x -RW are easy to get as well which made me wonder why.

Ok so perhaps it’s fairly easy to get 8x Ricoh DVD+RWs in the US but jow easy is it to get 8x Verbatim DVD+RWs in the US?


They seem fairly abundant here in Singapore. I do seem to have seen some when I was looking for media yesterday but I could be wrong.


Can you please site a burner/firmware that alows 2.4x and/or 4x burning on 8x RW discs?


My bad, CDan, you got me - kind of.

I meant it more theoretical because there is also the side/part of standalone recorders which is very different from dvd burners (in computers).
For the later ones the practice is: 8x certified DVD+RW is “DVD+RW 4.7GB Basic Format Specification Part 1 Volume2 Ver.1.0” (according to RICOH) and “DVD+RW 8x standard Version 1.3” according to PHILIPS. Namely that is “High Speed DVD+RW media”.
They list as possible burnspeeds for (computer) dvd burners 3.3x, 6x and 8x.


Are those MIS?


Ah, IC, so I was partially right then perhaps. 8x DVD+RWs probably don’t work very well with burners which only support 4x or lower since they ideally should be burnt at 3.3x and most older burners which only support 4x or lower I suspect don’t even have any media codes for 8x DVD+RWs let alone support for the ideal 3.3x write speed.

So I guess that in practice, most older slower DVD burners which only burn up to 4x on DVD+RWs don’t work very well if at all with 8x DVD+RWs (compared to 16x DVD+Rs which usually work okay with older burners) which is probably at least partially the reason why 8x DVD+RWs are not common (although more common then I originally thought it appears).


So I guess that in practice, most older slower DVD burners which only burn up to 4x on DVD+RWs don’t work very well if at all with 8x DVD+RWs

8x +RW discs can ONLY be burned on a drive that supports 8x.


Yup, even 3.3x will only be supported with 8x capable +RW burners.


CD-RW, HS-CD-RW, US-CD-RW and US±CD-RW trouble, second edition. :frowning:


Sorry to resurrect this old thread but interestingly Verbatim have ‘launched’ their 8x DVD+RW media recently. Since they’ve existed for a while perhaps this mean they’re actually going to become more common now. Hopefully



The Ricoh 8x +RW have been very good for me over the last 6 months or so.


Unfortunately also not available here…


I managed to get hold of some Verb 8x +RW, but I haven’t looked in any big media-selling shops for them, so I couldn’t tell you about UK availability.

Very nice media. :slight_smile:


They’re available online from SVP in the UK.

I’ve ordered some from Nierle in Luxembourg / Germany.


Verbatim 8x MKM A03 is outstanding media. Get some :iagree: