Why no 720x480?



Why no preset Frame Resolution for 720x480 under the Zune or Generic Mobile settings?

Anyway for a user to change those settings?



The codec or device may not support it. To try it out, you can manually edit it into the <size list> line in the profile using notepad or any text editor that does not add formatting codes or characters to the output. Just right click on the profile (C:\Program Files\DVDFab Platinum 4\Profiles[I]filename[/I]) and use the Open With dialog to select Notepad. You might want to save the original under a different filename before you do this. (voice of sad experience)


Hi pspreston,

720x480 isn’t the real display aspect, we need resize it to 16:9 or 4:3 (depends on source) for correct display.

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Thanks signals for the help on editing the xml file…That helped get the resolution I wanted. The zune 80gig will playback 720x480 without a problem but I’m having a hard time understand how it deals with widescreen. Older widescreen movies give me a little letter boxing but the newer wider movies are giving me way to much letter boxing on the small zune screen.

Even after cropping with DVDx I still get the same aspect ratio on the zune…