Why no 16X writing w/ 16X Media?

I have a NEC 3500 w/ latest modded FW (TDK 2.79) and purchased some IMATION 16X dvd+R (mID philips C16) but can only write at 8X! Did I waste the extra few dollars by buying this media for 16X? Thanks a lot for any input.

Unfortunately, PHILIPS C16 16x DVD+R media is not supported well by NEC (yet), in contrast to other (even cheaper) 16x DVD+R media from different manufacturers. 8x is the limit for now, a firmware update is necessary.

However, if you are not willing to wait that long, you may want to try out Quikee2’s Beta 4 firmware (click; click here for the whole thread). His experimental firmware is based on the new 2.18 firmware, but some write strategies are modified, including the PHILIPS C16 strategy. This firmware allows you to burn your PHILIPS C16 media at 16x already.

Best Buy is offering Fuji TYT02 8X made in japan at the price of $19.99 per pack of 50. These 8X disc easy being burnt in my NEC 3500 with 2.18_TDB F/W at 16X.

As a pointer, Circuit City has a BOGO (BuyOne,GetOne) coupon in Sundays flyer. I took 2 of the coupons into BestBuy and got 200 of the Fuji TY’s for 40 USD + 7% tax as a price match.

Not bad i would say.


@ packeloss big thanx for the quick reply, d/l the beta firmware from quickee2 and tried another burn w/it. Good to go now…Here’s my Kprobe scan too. Not bad I guess…

Thanks for the information, yes I took that cupon yesterday to Best Buy in Lakewood,CA store but they set they have the plivy to match the prices not honoring the cupon which is promotional aspect not sales.

Circuit City in Minnesota has BOGO and they sell Verbatim 16X media $35.00 for 50 after BOGO. I have the 2.18 on my NEC and it burns a full movie in 4:50-6:00 (4:50 being the fasted so far).


Spell much?..hehe. i’d like to try that but my BB are usually a bunch of hard ass’s, who you go see? cust service desk?

I’m not really sure if you are saying they matched it or didn’t. But here is what i did.
I went up to the cashier.She said for “price match”, i needed to go over to the Customer Service and Return area. So I went over and the young fellow looked at the coupon(s) (I had 2 cause i wanted 200 discs),he snorted, then went and supposedly asked his manager in the back room. He came back out and said they couldn’t take the coupon.
I then told him “that is funny, the customer service rep i talked to at the BestBuy customer service phone number said i could use the coupon.”

Then i asked for the managers name so when i called the BestBuy web customer service people again, i could let them know his name and tell them that he was of course right and they were wrong. :rolleyes:

Needless to say i walked out with 200 discs for 40 USD’s.