WhY ! Nero, Shrink, or others?

I am just wondering, I am old fasion, have been using DVDFab for years now and I think its the Best burning software on the market, I burn to my hard drive first , incase I have problems with my new disk, when it goes fine, I burn it with DVDFab only, to the DVD and , I have done my complete library, its fast and Simple, and the lastest ones, ie: Iron Man, The Happening, ect, No Problems, So Why another software to burn with??? Just wondering, I am 100 o/o DVDFAB… and I think Fab team is great !!!:bow::bow: Thanks all!!


[QUOTE=Sontog;2139226] So Why another software to burn with??? Just wondering, I am 100 o/o DVDFAB… and I think Fab team is great !!!:bow::bow: Thanks all!!


because verify function in DVDFAb is exceedingly crap & IMGburn does a much better job.

  1. because using dvdshrink to remove unwanted start & end credits , after ripping main movie to HD with DVDFAB often means it will then fit on a SL DVD with no compression

Thanks for the info, I said I was old fashion and old too!! I just back up the disk as is, full, I don’t take out anything, just like the org. and what is a SL Disk ?? So you see Iam not real keen when it comes to all the computer things, Thats why I like simple things, point and click… Thanks again!:bow:

Hi Sontog:

Take a look at this recent thread that a number of people contributed to as it addresses some of your issues. There is nothing wrong with simplicity of operations if they lead to acceptable quality results. Not everyone wants to play with buttons (e.g., protests against the move from manual to automatic transmissions).


Thanks Jeff for the reply and info. I understand, I will read and digest more of the info… Thanks…

A few thought on this topic…

Without a doubt, users’ needs, resources and goals are varied, to say the least.
Some folks prefer freeware solutions, again, for a variety of reasons. If this is your choice, obviously, you need more than one application…whether it’s shrink, Img, etc.

Myself, I insist on quality results, but I also want ease of operation.
Personally, I get it all with Fab and VSO. Virtually 1 click operation…[B]Set It and Forget It[/B]…courtesy of Ron Popeil…:bigsmile:

Occasionally I use Img and it works just fine…it is not quite the seamless process with DL discs that I enjoy with VSO. Both work well and for me and one does not out perform the other in terms of quality. So, I use VSO 99+% of the time.

The user above spoke to verification. I mean no disrespect, but I could not care less about verification. A bad burn for me is an extremely rare event and honestly, most often is the result of user error, for me anyway.
If verification were important to me, there’s no way I’d be using VSO. I tried it a couple of times…it takes longer to verify than burn…:eek:

Re: shrink…I love my old friend shrink, but I never use it.
On the one hand, it would be cool to have variable compression for each individual title and greater range of editing capability (been in Fab requests for a long time)…but in truth, it doesn’t matter to me.
All my SL burns are to Yuden T02, ripped and compressed with Platinum. The results are excellent even with heavy compression, although I generally don’t compress beyond about 80%.
Some users feel that compression with shrink yields better quality, that’s fine, but that’s not my opinion.

If I feel a file is too large, I want extra features, etc., I burn to Verbatim +R DL, usually MKM 001, occasionally MKM 003, always MIS.
The bkups are flawless.

A good friend of mine and well-respected member here burns all SL’s with VSO and has consistently great burns. However, VSO and DL burns are problematic for him so he uses Img for his DL burns. He would prefer to use VSO for DL’s also, but VSO and DL is just not consistent for him. Not a big hassle for him, but, well there it is.

None of this makes anyone right or wrong as long as you get what you want.

None of this makes anyone right or wrong as long as you get what you want.


Personally, I think that if you are after the highest quality backup, you’re not going to be able to match the results from DVDRebuilder (using CCE, or HCenc or ProCoder). Not by using DVDFab or Shrink. Its an old argument, transcoders vs encoders, and the verdict came in a long time ago.

Doesn’t mean that there is no use for transcoders. I use DVDShrink on virtually every dvd I back up…to check the size and see how much compression is necessary on a main movie backup. I almost never use Shrink as the actual compressor though, unless the compression is less than 5% (95 on Shrink’s scale).

And for those who are satisfied with the results from Shrink or DVDFab…good. I have no argument against using them if they meet your needs. There is something to be said for their speed and ease of use.

Whatever floats your boat is fine with me. I just go for the absolute best backup I can do if I am going to all the trouble to make one.

Great Feedback and info, side note I also use only Verbatim Great disks!!!

The correct choice.