Why nero on gtk-1.2?

gtk-1.2 it is not seriously.
I like nero in Windows, but in linux i don’t use it, because gtk-1.2 is not very comfortably.
I now that qt not free for comertical project, but on qt nero can be more popular!!
What you think about it ?

The answer to that is quite easy.
First, it’s because NeroLinux’ GUI is based [ehm. copy/paste] on gnometoaster [http://gnometoaster.rulez.org/] which is using gtk+1.2.
Second, as you might’ve read on NeroLinux’s website, Nero inc. supports older linux releases (do anyone use these anymore?) that don’t have gtk+2 like suse7 and some [even older?] other stuff

I don’t work at nero, but I doubt they’ll leave us with gtk+1.2. We have hope a new release with gtk+2 is in the plans :slight_smile:

For comertical soft i think qt is the best.

Qt is indeed nice, but as stated before it’s about gnometoaster. Also GTK 1.2 is much faster when it comes to speed. So maybe it’s not that bad it 's 1.2. Anyways it’s what about the program can do, not if it’s using 1.2 or 2.x :slight_smile:

I think it is great that NeroLinux uses the GTK toolkit.

If i wanted a burning app based on QT, i wold download K3B in stead. But i dont want to have the big QT lib installed, i simply dont use it, and cant see the purpose of having it.

The reason why Nero uses gtk-1.2 is probably what makosama writes, that the gui is a ripoff of Gnometoaster, but i hope they consider updating to 2.x in a near feature.


Wake up Nero, it’s time for a [B]GTK2[/B] release!

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