Why need pen drives when you can use usb ultra slim HDD?



I just wonder why people still looking for pen drives when they can use this? http://www.supertechstore.com/ulezbatousbh.html


Umm…Price?..That’s why.


Well $138 is less than £100 and that is the price I have sen the 1gig pen dirves going for in some of the shops here, so there is little difference there and the storage space is larger.

As to why, well not just price, but maybe availability and knowledge. I have never seen one of those in any of the places I have seen pen drives for sale, and the average user is not going to go trawling for something, if they don’t see them they don’t know and so can’t try. If they ere better marketed they may take off.


First: the size (see picture below).
Second: the price.
Third: the purpose of use, i.e. a pen drive has one and completely different the USB Ultra Slim HDD.


These drives are very nice for the digital photographer; I’m looking into such a drive for the holidays. But when it comes to storing data you used to store on a floppy disk, I guess that an USB stick is the better choice. It’s a solid state memory device (so it can take more drops and bumps, quite important for mobile use), draws power from any USB port, is really lightweight and the capacity is enough for almost everybody…


I have a 256MB pen drive and it serves one purpose…Get lecture notes and past exams from others :wink:

I got mine for about $20-25.
A 1Gig flashdrive is overkill.
And just in case you didn’t know, there are 1Gig pen drives in the $60-70 range on Newegg…


Yeah and the cheap ones rock :). Cheap and still good :slight_smile:

1Gb flashdrive overkill? Depends… at my university, I’m kinda getting used to >50MB per PDF file. That really fills the drive within little time…


Hell yeah. Heck, I’ve left mine in the wash a couple of times(3-4x I think) and nothing happened to it.

1Gb flashdrive overkill? Depends… at my university, I’m kinda getting used to >50MB per PDF file. That really fills the drive within little time…

I have a teacher whose lecture powerpoints are about 50-60 megs each…I never saw powerpoints bigger than 10megs until I met him, and the funny thing is, it’s only about 60 slides in his presentation.
I just save it and print it out from the lab and delete it immediately.
I’m not really a person who studies or reads notes from computer…Must have the hard copy.
I also usually have my laptop in handy usually just in case.


It is not self-powered all the time - indeed, some 10,000rpm small footprint laptop drives that go in these things consume 1.5A’s - the rating for USB (1 or 2) and Firewire sockets are 500ma each. So, to power a new fast drive in these things you need at least 2 pwr sources, which can be 2 usb ports - even then, that’s only 1A, still 500ma short, and you risk damaging whatever PC you plug these devices into. Plus, there’s the worry of heat build up within the case - some rely on the case being a heatsink, but that is not good enough, especially if there is no proper insulation (risk of shorting out depending on where the caddy is placed).

We have them at work, or at least some editors do, and they plug them into non-linear editing stations. Media can be consolidated and played back from drives in these enclosures on USB2.x - but, we warned the editors that if they break the PC ports, then they pay for a new crate (some ports are on the MB direct). We know who has these devices so there’s no escape :slight_smile: