Why my NEC DVD_RW ND-3540A can't write on DVD+R



I have got new NEC DVD_RW ND-3540A. I am trying to copy a wedding party dvd of my friend to DVD+R blank disc.

Creating Image is OK, but when I put blank DVD+R, I’ve got message that it’s not compatibile (required DVD-R/RW)

I downloaded latest version 1.W5, and Flashed my NEC. Im using Nero
What I have to do to make my DVD-RW to write on DVD+R disc, and all other kinds of discs?

Thank you.


What is your OS and hardware? What media are you using? In addition, updating to the latest version of Nero won’t hurt.


Is the capacity of the +R disc sufficient to support the image? I have a faint idea that there is a small difference between the +R and -R format.


Your drive is totally DVD+R compatible.

I suspect your problem is different, and comes from the fact you try to write an image that is too big for the media.

You need to shrink DVD movie files to be able to put them on regular DVD+/-R, see the guides in my signature (DVD Decrypter / Shrink).

To check your drive ability to write to +R, just try burning a data disc with less than 4,3 GB of data. :slight_smile:


Win XP Pro + SP2
CPU Intel 3GHz
512 MB of RAM
G-Force FX 5200
HDD Maxtor 80 GB

It’s OK with capacity of Verbatim disc (4.7 GB). Original DVD is 4.1 GB
I tried with DVD-R (same size as DVD+R), everything is OK.

Why Nero asks only for DVD-R/RW, after Image is created? I have no other options to select, it’s only DVD-R/RW.

Thank you


Because Nero ask for same media as that one imaged.
Burn that on dvd-r or make image with some other software.
Try recording something else on that dvd+r. It must to work!


You mean that when Nero creates an image from a +R disc, it won’t write it to a -R disc? :eek: didn’t know that. That’s strange. Or maybe it makes sense. Oh well :confused:

Anyway if it’s the case, banebane, you may give DVD Decrypter a shot. It’s (among other features) a great and easy DVD image reader/burner. If you can’t find a download link for it (it’s been discontinued, but it still works great), just PM me. :slight_smile:




That’s it. One friend of mine agree with you. I tried, and you are right.

Thank you all.


OMG, that’s really annoying. STUPID NERO!!!
One thing, maybe comes into play, is that most -R can hold a few more mb’s than +R media. Notmuch, but it could make a difference at some point.

Conclusion (at least for me) : Skrew Nero for images ever. Use DVDDecrypter. :wink:


“Use Decrypter once, you’ll never want another iso/img reader/burner” :iagree:


:iagree: :iagree:



PS: Sorry, I had to. :slight_smile:


I doubt banebane’s problem was with Nero. On my 3540A 1.W5, I have successfully transferred more than 20 movies from -R to +R, albeit using Nero :confused: