Why my LG BE16NU50 (svc code NU50) successfully burns everysingel Sony 128gb 4x BD-R XL While my LG BP55EB40 (svc code EB40) fails to burn successfully?

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I had previously a thick version of the LG burner LG BE16NU50 (svc code NU50) which has always burned every single Bluray and DVD disc.

I have recently purchased 3 LG BP55EB40 (svc code EB40) blu-ray (slim) burners which sometimes fail and sometimes succeed.

I have purchased these new burners as burning support to burn 25 Sony 128GB 4x BD-R XL White Inkjet Printable Blu-ray Disc Media S4PPBD4RB25WW as many possibilities at the same time.

Can somebody please tell me what is the reason for thick burner never fails to burn a disc while a thin almost never succeed? Or slim is pretty much hit and run???

Please explain as detailed as possible as I am new to this???

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I have purchased altogether 6 Bluray burners LG BP55EB40 (CVC Code: EB40) where 4 of them have this problem I mentioned???

So you understand my stress???
If this is an error with 1 so it could be something wrong with one drive, or one drive may be defected???
But if it is wrong with 4 devices, I doubt that it is defective with so many???

Also, all 6 are produced in 20.12.2021 and have 1.03 the latest firmware installed.

Please help???

Quad layer media tend to stress the design and mechanics of a burner to the max.

Slimline drives are inherently less stable and more unreliable.

Also the QL media, being the newest, might require some rounds of firmware tweaking to support all variants, if the manufacutrer is still bothering to update the firmware.

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Can you please be kind enough to tell me why slimline drives are inherently less stable and more unreliable?

Also please answer this: The only reason I fall for slim drives is that you can use them during flight in Economy class where there is no power outlet available??? What do you think about these two questions??? Please let me know as it may have a deep impact on my choice of what to go with from now on???
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Thank you, Sir,