Why my LG BE16NU50 (svc code NU50) successfully burns everysingel Sony 128gb 4x BD-R XL While my LG BP55EB40 (svc code EB40) fails to burn successfully

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I had previously a thick version of the LG burner LG BE16NU50 (svc code NU50) which has always burned every single Bluray and DVD disc.

I have recently purchased 3 LG BP55EB40 (svc code EB40) blu-ray (slim) burners which sometimes fail and sometimes succeed.

I have purchased these new burners as burning support to burn 25 Sony 128GB 4x BD-R XL White Inkjet Printable Blu-ray Disc Media S4PPBD4RB25WW as many possibilities at the same time.

Can somebody please tell me what is the reason for thick burner never fails to burn a disc while a thin almost never succeed? Or slim is pretty much hit and run???

Please explain as detailed as possible as I am new to this???

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