Why my DVD are always full?

I’ve always burned my DVDs with Nero, but one day it started saying that in my empty DVD there isn’t enough space to burn the compilation. I tried to install a recent version of Nero ( but the problem remains the same. I tried with different burning programs but still i cannot burn (different errors occur). Can be a problem with my DVD writer?

is the file/s you are trying to burn to disk actually bigger than the disk can handle?

No they’re about 4,5 giga. I tried to burn even less but nothing.

a dvd is 4.3 gigs…

I tried with even less space like 3 gigs. The problem is that when i do the cd info the program always tell me that the dvd is full written with a single track that occupies all the space. This occur with all the dvds i put in my writer.

Have you tried another program besides Nero?

I tried with burn4free and some others. Which other programs do you suggest me to try?

This warning means that you don’t have enough empty space in your hard drive, try to do:

a) Delete unnecessary files from your hard drive to make more space available.

b) Defrag you hard drive.

c) Disable none essential program that are running in the background to have more memory available.

How much hard disk space do i need to burn a dvd?

I tried to burn with at least 7 gigs of free disk space but nothing.
When i check for the cd info the program tell me that the disk is fully written (a single track).
Still cannot understand… the dvds are good… i tried with several and different types…

Just remember if you rip DL disc with 8.35 GB in to your hard drive, 7 GB free space is way to small for that you need atleast 15 GB free space to perform that task.

I’m only burning a compilation of files from my hard disk which takes about 4 gigs. How much space do you think i need? Still, it’s not strange that the disk info tells me that my new dvds are written?

If you just burning the files already in your hard drive then as far as emty space in hard drive you are OK. Go to:

Allprograms\Accessiries\SystemTolls\SystemRestore and try to set back your system about a week before this accident happened and see if the problem goes away if that so then try to install fresh copy of Nero and do the tesing again and report back the result.

I tried to do that but the last restore point is only a few days ago not a week before the problem occurred… so i don’t think it could be useful. Do you think it can be an hardware failure?

Hi. I’m having the same problem as you had…with ‘full’ DVD’s. Did you ever find a solution to that problem?

[QUOTE=audrey3749;2566446]Hi. I’m having the same problem as you had…with ‘full’ DVD’s. Did you ever find a solution to that problem?[/QUOTE]
The other guys problem was 4 years ago.

22-06-2006 16:59

          Maybe your problem is different, tell us about the DVDs you are using.

Hi there.

Which version of nero are you using? V.10 seems to have several bugs, i tried it and had problems burning ANY compilation and there was always something wrong, went back to nero 7.5 all tne problems disappeared, Hmmm.

But i did have the same problem with i 1 DVD, i looked at the recording surface and there was a little glob of something, i removed it and no more problems.

Also, to burn a DVD or CD you need at least as much disk space as the total compilation, UNLESS the files are already on your hard disk, but you also need quite a bit of free RAM to act as buffers for the burning process, check if you have enough free ram, and check against your version of nero’s min ram requirements.

If all checks out and you do NOT have Nero 10 then there MAY be a software problem like a virus or even a Hardware problem.

Personally i use one CPU to burn CD’s and DVD’s exclusively and it works great with nero 7.5, CPU celeron 733 256MB ram Drive 40Gb with between 2 to 20GB free (varies).