Why my BenQ writes only CD-R?!

Hi! As the topic, my BenQ DW1620 Pro with the lastest firmware B7T9, burns only CD-R and don’t burn any DVD-R +R -RW +RW and CD-RW… :frowning:
To burn my CDs I use Nero 6.3 and I’ve tried Win98 SE and WinXP Pro Service Pack 2 but my Benq doesn’t work and Nero fails the writing at Lead-in procedure telling me: Writing failure or full calibration area…
Help me! Please! :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:

Try suppressing the drive in the Device manager
Retars and Shutdown
Reconnect and restart.

If it still fails then imho it’s a case for RMA.

I’ve tried to do it but the result is the same, drive doesn’t work…
Is there an utility to flash firmware on my benq with linux OS?

Nope but see the “Unofficial BenQ firmware thread” to find the firmware page with DOS flashers and .cvt images for flashing as I assume it may be easier for you to boot some DOS (i think there is IBMs PC-DOS in free out there) than to install some windoze :wink: on a M$-free machine …

For your “CD-R but no DVD-R” writing, it may be a defect of the writer as CD and DVD writing require different laser wavelength and therefore possibly/probably different optics, lenses, angles, etc, so it is perfectly possible one works and the other does not. Maybe try to get some DVD+RW 4x for testing to rule out all possible problems. I havent written DVDs with linux so far, only cds, and am still in testing my drives in Win (to find out whether to return them), but I am sure I will ask you some time later :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck.