Why make it a hassel?

OK, I want to upgrade to DVD FAB PLATINUM 5 and the rig marole to go through is awful. 1. have changed my email address since buying the program many years ago.
2. Dont know order number.
3. Which credit card did I use?
I have my old registration key that I double click and I just get the previous version. Good grief, now what???:eek:

If you have changed your email address, Fengtao simply asks that you contact the company for assistance. I don’t consider that to be a hassle. They need to change your email address in their database.

They can’t help you until you contact them and explain the problem.

Your order# may be listed on the About screen.
Licensed to John Doe (123456789).

Oh thank you! I hope that will be my order number, I searched old visa bills last night (early morning hours) and became quite frustrated by it all. Of course I should keep better records.
Will try that now.


It WORKED. it was my order number. Sorry for overreacting in first post. So simple when you know!

In case it helps, I keep a special folder in my mail reader for serial numbers and online software orders - makes reinstalling or upgrading much easier.

Yes, I used a webmail based (goole, yahoo or hotmail) to keep all my serial numbers and online orders too…

That way, I can refer back to them if I need to make upgrade or other information.

They are secured, of course with a good password.