Why LiteOn limit the DVD+/-R read speed to 8x?

The LiteOn DVD Rom, Combo & DVD-RW drive, also limit the DVD+R & DVD-R read speed to 8X, but we can use the patched firmware to enable the read speed to 16X, why LiteOn must limit the speed?

Because the 16x reading speed works only for well-burned discs. With the limit set to 8x, poorly-burned discs that would otherwise struggle at 16x could read smoothly.

That is correct but by doing that on the fly copying is impossible at higher then 8X.

Even at 8x, as the 8x read is full CAV, while the 8x write is either Zone-CLV or P-CAV and gets to 8x long before the reader.

One the fly is a pretty poor idea though, unless you cannot muster the disk space to buffer an entire burn.

But other brands(Pioneer, Plextor) have 12X to 13X DVD+/-R read speed.