Why lag in Starcraft, got fast connection?

Hi, i am at a school here, i got fast connection, downloading at 150 kb/s. But when i try to play Starcraft, it says i have a lot of lag!?! but the connection is fast! how does this happen??? Isn’t Starcraft requesting enough bandwith??? Is there any way to reserve bandwith for it??? some kind of program??? or some other kind of way??? cuz the lag is so bad that i can’t play at all, i get kicked out because people complaining that i lag to much :frowning: and i really want to play the game!

Greetz MadHatter

Ok, I may be totally wrong here, but it may be true.

Most school networks are connected to a proxy server.

If all the information had to pass through the proxy server, it would be extremely slow.

Don’t try anything crazy though. I got in enough trouble at my school (Disabled firewall, trojanized with SubSeven, messed up proxy). In case you were wondering how much trouble, I got 2 search warrants against me. I was able to change grades, lunch accounts, permanent records, etc… But some bitch overheard me talking about it to my co-hacker friend and signed a witness statement against me! :mad: :mad: NO MORE FUN!

Well you said that you’re in school. That means that computer you use is connecting on a network? Maybe the administrator of network put limits on conection bandwith with some sites? I know that using routes, you can put the limit of the bandwidth to what ever you want. If administrator put limits on upload badwith then maybe that’s the problem. You can’t do nothing about it. Or maybe the conection with starcraft server is really slow from your area. Maybe not problem of your computer bandwidth, but problem of your ISP.
All I can think right now.
You can use the “ping” command on a dos box line to see your delay with starcraft sever. command is as bellow:

c:\png http://www.xxxxxxxxx.com (xxxxxxxxxx=name ov starcraft server) then hit “enter”
when you see the results then you can tell if your lang is bad or not.
If you have more than 500ms delay then the lag is bad for such a game.

Can’t think for a free software to put limits on bawidth. You can use though some parameters with your modem or cable modem, what ever you use, but that depends on what modem you use, or what line? try read the tips you find on starcraft server about problem with conection. Can be helpfull.
Good luck:)