Why it is not possible to burn protected DVDs without DeCSS?

in another forum I found a post from a person authoring DVDs with DVD Studio Pro.
He found and used the option to protect the disk from copies, but then he tried to copy the dvd just burned and found the protection not working: he was able to copy the disk without removing any protection or whatsoever. Obviously, the protection was missing.

My question now is: I know DVDs are scrambled with CSS, but why burning them directly is not possible? the answer will probably help me to understand why home made DVDs cannot also be burned with protections in them.
Maybe a firmware limitation? maybe the need of different burners/media?

I think it must be something with the burner, because if it were a software problem, it would have been overcome.

Any help?

I found

But the answers are not clear to me and, it seems, in conflict.

I am not asking for software to copy DVDs, I know perfectly hot to make copies of them, if I ever needed.
I’m interested in the process needed to burn home made clips into DVDs with protection applied to them and the reasons why it cannot be done with normal burners/software.

Your computer reads the files you want to burn. It then [B]copies[/B] them to CD or DVD. That’s it right there. It [B]copies[/B] them.

I don’t understand.
If I have a DVD Authoring software, it may be able to create an ISO with the content already scrambled, isn’t it?
Or am I missing the point?

Copy protection for your homemade DVDs is not possible. The explanation is long… the short version is $$$$$.

I would like just to have an idea… firmware without support? requirements for the blank media?

Read this.

I think he is asking why he can’t make a 1:1 copy of a dvd that’s already authoried and CSS’d using a dual layer disk. He doesn’t have video of his own, he wants to 1:1 copy a movie that’s out there at the movie store, only a techincal explanation.

I did a quick research and it seems to be that the DVD burners are not able to create a content scrambled system dvd.
Check out this external burner “released” from DataPlay:
This article:

and this Engadget article:

Hope this is what you were looking for

Yeah, more or less that was my question.

I also tried to look for a CSS explanation online, but all I can get is a list of sites interested in removing css or breaking it. I also found a page where the new DeCSS program was discussed, with the conclusion… “useless: an hard disk would contain only 2 dvds, but it would cost much more than the originals”. LOL.

Back to the topic, I only would like to know why a 1:1 copy (with an image of the whole content) of a CSS protected dvd won’t work.
I mean, CSS is “scrambling”. But, as far as I remember from reading cdfreaks articles and such, the content in the DVD is already scrambled, for error correction purposes.
Maybe the CSS alters this scrambling? thus, the only reason normal burners are not able to copy the CSS disks is that dvd burners don’t have something similar to the old “DAO/96” writing mode of CDs (I know the systems are different, it is only an example to show the concept).
This is the best I was able to grasp from the articles I found.
If someone is able to confirm, I’m ok with my theoretical question.

As far as it concerns the practical question, the user wanting to write his own movies in a protected way, I posted the links by philamber and by GoldStar in the other forum, I think they will be useful and enough for that user.
http://www.macitynet. it/forum/showthread.php?t=73617 if you want to check.

short answer:
DVD-R: disc limitation, thus impossible.
DVD+R: firmware limitation, thus possible with a modified firmware.

(very) long answer:

Super. Thank you.

[QUOTE=olafmarzocchi;2032399]I don’t understand.
If I have a DVD Authoring software, [B]it may be able to create an ISO with the content already scrambled, isn’t it?[/B]
Or am I missing the point?[/QUOTE]

Nope, you have a GENERAL dvd recording device.

Proper DVD AUTHORING is only possible with Authoring dvd burners and Authoring DVD media, both expensive!!!