Why is www.cdfreaks.com so slow?



i have comcast broadband with 4Mbit Down and cdfreaks is really slow. Anyone having this problems?

All other sites are fine for me but cdfreaks is really slow. Maybe cdfreaks need a bigger pipe ?


Aint nothing wrong here, and I only got 256.


I’m not aware of any real speed problems for the time being. In the past we’ve had some issues with the server capacity, but those days are gone.

I don’t have any problems (I am located in the Netherlands and so are the servers) with the speed of CDFreaks. Are you perhaps behind a proxy?

I’ll move this thread to the forum talk section, as it is a better place for such a thread. I’m curious to know what other people from around the globe have to say!


No speed issues from Canada. I’ve got a 5Mbit/1Mbit connection though.


Not today but i have had trouble in the past > http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=122783


i’m on the east coast in the US. Virginia, near Washington DC. The forum is acting really slow for me. I think more and more people are find out that this is a great place.

oh, i’m not behind a proxy. Cable modem is connected to the router, then we have a gigabit switch connected to the routher, and i’m on the gigabit switch.


I’m not exaggerating, here (UK) it is blazing fast, don’t think I have ever seen it work so well.

Ben :slight_smile:


Bit slow here also…netherlands…
think it are the adds… not sure


anyone having problem in the US?


a few days ago the forum was going really slow and at times i was unable to connect at all but its been fine since


its ok in the Uk :slight_smile:


:iagree: and im on crapy AOL! :bigsmile:



Works fine here, down under :wink: Not that anyone cares :stuck_out_tongue:


Im in Dallas Texas and have the same provider and same speed and everything is great for me

Oh Im behind a router as well


I had this the last 2 weeks … but it could be my imagination.


damn, it’s really fast here…
ok, this just might be my feeling, 'coz now i’m at work (2mbit) and @ home i’ve got 56k, so everything faster than that is amazingly fast for me… :wink:


fine now but had some refused connections and slowness within the last 24 hours for me. NYC, TWC RoadRunner.


Tis all good for me in the uk using Ntl`s 300k cable broadband :bigsmile:


Perhaps another program is using your bandwidth. BitTorrent client maybe?


I have nothing running… and i have 4mbit down…so it should work.
Even if i had bittorrent running (i hate that programm) all other web pages should have had the same problem.
I don’t mind the time waiting…good reason to get some extra coffee :slight_smile: