Why is TYG02 the most variable media I've ever used?

I picked up a couple of the Fuji 30pks at Staples that come in three colors when they were on sale for $9 a month or two ago. Each color was a different batch, except for green, which was made up of two different batches. Since burning through them:

GG000095 (Yellow) - Wonderful, works every time.
GG000107 (Blue) - Works most of the time, one coaster so far.
GG000103 (Green) - Works about half the time.
GG000118 (Green) - Coastered every time.

My criteria for a “working” disc is one that will give back a nice, smooth transfer rate curve in CDSpeed. I’ve done most of the burning on my BenQ 1640, which has completed the burn process each time at full speed, except on the 118’s, in which WOPC forced the speed down a bit. Getting a little frustrated, I hooked up my old Plextor 712A, and gave a scan to a 107 burnt on the BenQ. I had previously done a quality scan on this disc in the BenQ and gotten a 97, but did not have a smooth read curve. The Plextor gave me a smooth read curve, but after a full battery of PxScan tests, seemingly stopped even reporting jitter about where the transfer rate curve went crazy for the BenQ. I burned one of each in the Plextor, as well… The 95 was perfect, as expected; the 107 read back fine in the Plex but gave me an “Unrecovered Read Error” in the BenQ before it even started reading; the 103 had the same crappy transfer rate curve (attached below); and the 118 had a session fixation error at the end of writing and coastered.

Needless to say, I’m a bit frustrated with Taiyo Yuden. Can anyone shed some light on why they’re acting so weird?

I’d say blame Fuji, not TY. No reports of such problems with any of the unbranded TY media available online.

Yeah, I’m saving every coaster since I noticed the package said they’d replace any disc that was defective.

This may also sound weird, but I’ve heard of certain colors being problematic with other multicolor TY discs, I think the 5 color +Rs sold in SE Asia under the Verbatim brand.

Wow, weird.

Just finshed testing another green… Made it to the 4gb mark, then crapped out. Damn!

You’re blaming TY for your burner’s problem. Look around the forums, Benq is well known to write G02 poorly. As are a few other burners, 712s included.

Known to write G02 poorly? I don’t think that’s true.

Try posting a quality scan.

Also, some 1640’s have problems reading disks 16 speed all the way to the end, even when they are well written.

Sure, this was from a disc that had a similar read curve as the one above, surprisingly.

That is a great scan. I think I would blame the media. BenQ DW1620 and DW1640 are very well known to burn TYG02 excellent at any speed (8x, 12x and 16x). Just see the dare threads (99% @16x, 16x Dare, and 12x Dare) plus Hall of Fame thread.

Given my experience with Fuji rebranded TY, I would also blame the media. I’ve ordered hundreds of unbranded TYG02s from rima and never had a single disc with visible spotting in the dye. I went through 3 50 packs of Fuji TYG02 and almost every disc had spotting around the outside of the disc. Not to mention some had people’s grubby fingerprints on them. While they are the same discs, I think there is something to be said for the additional handling, quantities, storage, ect. when comparing Fuji to unbranded TY.

I can confirm this and give some details. The problems mentioned were experienced by people using BenQ 1620 writers and Verbatim 5 color 4x DVD+R (a mix of YUDEN000-T01 and YUDEN000-T02, or all YUDEN000-T02, impossible to tell from packaging) discs. They found that the red discs ended up as coasters. This problem only affected people using that drive. People using LG GSA-4163B drives were not only able to burn those two discs, but got outstanding quality scans out of them. I have the 4163B and have gone through nearly 75 of those discs with excellent scans typical of TY media. So this problem is probably drive related.

However, I have recently had problems with the DVD-R version of these (all TYG01), but with the blue ones. These did not end up as coasters, but had fairly bad quality scans with lots of PIFs. Not all the blue discs were affected, only some. This was on the LG GSA-4163B.

My Plextor PX-712 burns TYG02 pretty badly at 8x, but if I burn the same batch of TYG02 at 6x on the PX-712 the quality is very good.

So it seems like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde scenario.

:iagree: That’s why you never see transfert rate tests performed on a Benq 1640 in this drive’s tests and reviews.

I’ve noticed this with mine too, unexpected slowdowns that may even disappear on a second test. Perfect reading curves on Nec 3540A.

Never had issues with unbranded and Verbatim-branded TY. I’ve read many complaints about the Fuji-branded ones though…

Oh and @RDgrimes, TYG02 burns great up to 16X in my Benq 1640 with BSLB. :stuck_out_tongue:

Regarding any problems with the 1640 testing to 16x, there is a simple solution to that problem - just set Nero CD-DVD Speed’s max read speed to 14x or 15x. I’ve always had my 1640 set to 16x read speeds rather than ‘max’ read speed, and I’ve never had readback issues all the way to 16x, but then this may vary slightly from drive to drive or system conditions.