Why Is This Quality Scan So Bad

This is the first scan I did. I burned a BIN image on my Lite ON 2410b with the latest ImgBurn and tested it it with the latest cdspeed

I am hoping it is not accurate because it is an older drive or is it due to crappy media … Memorex 52x cdr

On a side note I tested the disc with Dvdisaster and it found 0 unreadable sectors which is good

Scan it with Kprobe!

I found Kprobe on the net, installed it, and clicked start test

Here is the results

What does this mean :slight_smile:

Model                    : 1-0-1-0 F:LITE-ON LTR-24102B       5S54
Disc                     : CDR (A+) , 972666:795971 [CMC Magnetics Corporation]
Speed                    : Max
Scanned range            : 0:2:0 (0) - 53:18:06 (3A85Ah)
C1 Max                   : 37
C1 Average               : 6.06
C1 Total                 : 17575
C2 Max                   : 0
C2 Average               : 0.00
C2 Total                 : 0

it means the burn quality is acceptable and nero cd/dvd speed probably ran into one of those famed mediatek spikes.

Thanks …

Do you know of any software I can use to check he quality of burned images and discs on a Sony 510a