Why is this not more common?



When I’m backing up my DVD’s:

  1. I don’t want to loose much quality, mainly because I ahve a 52" TV and I can see every flaw.

  2. I don’t want to spend hours uppon hours transcoding and recompressing the video.

  3. I don’t want to loose the special features and menus I paid for.

  4. I don’t want to have to pay $5-8 a disc right now for DL media.

I find I have many DVDs where the entire disc is 8gb which causes the video to be compressed to around 50% of it’s original size to fit on a 4.7gb disc. I’ll remove the extras along with any language tracks I don’t need, but often this still isn’t enough. This level of compression is noticable on a big TV. If it’s a 5-6gb disc the compression is usually bearable, but that’s not what I’m talking about here.

I’m still trying to get DVDFab to work and I’m sure I’ll be able to. I’m also aware of the method of burning only the movie with DVD shrink and using start and end frames to split it on 2 discs, but alas with that method it doesn’t let you keep the menus and extras.

I have found a guide on doom9.org on how to do this but the DVD fab sofware is old and so is the guide. Why is there so little support for burning with this method online, and so few pieces of softare that really embrace it?

I know this was sort of a long winded question but any support on this issue or answers to my question would be appreciated thanks!



Modern transcoders perform equally well at a given compression level. You shouldn’t be able to see a drop in video quality at 20% compression with the main movie title and AC 3/6 English audio. If you must have all the bells and whistles, then split the DVD-9 disc to two DVD-5s.

I see a lot of “I don’t”. In the end, it’s all about $. If you demand QUALITY and CONVENIENCE, then spend more $ on DVD-9s.


use DVD Fab Free and follow the guides listed here (left hand column) to split to 2 discs while preserving 100% quality and retaining full menu functionality.


works great for me and is very quick (depending on your PC) :smiley: i don’t mind switching discs at all if i get 100% quality and full menus (except for the second disc of course which still will have title/chapter marks but no scene selection).


when I try to do that right now, I don’t have anything in the PGC dropdown, not sure why. But I’m going to try again tonight.


That’s awesome, someone else that actually does this. My PC is quite slow so it’s nice not to have to transcode.



Life is all about compromises, and so is backup of DL DVD-Video.

Something gotta give; either you lose quality, or menus, or extras, or audio, or pay $$$ for DL blanks (well I just saw some DVD titles sold at Circuit Ciry or BestBuy, or somewhere like this, for $4.99 and $7.49)

Anyway, my personal opinion is that we are talking movies, not world peace, so I can live with the compromises :).


Without question, something’s gotta give, and for me it’s ease of backup. To do the kind of backing up I want to do described above I’ve been trying for 2 days to get it to work with no success, if I want to transcode a video with DVDshrink or something it’s like the click of a button. I have seen DL media for $5 a disc maybe buying a couple wouldn’t hurt, it would make things easier that’s for sure. I could do all ripping and writing with dvd decrypter.


True, it is always desireable to have one click solution. I wish we could have, and as you said, the best is if DL blanks are much cheaper. One click solutions also hide from you all the complicated technicals. As it stands now, we need to educate ourselves with details :(, and it takes time and such.

The worst part is just when we master the DVD, here comes the Blu-Ray and DVD-HD, hehehe, never ending cycle :slight_smile:


YEAH! espically after I bought like 70 DVD’s in NON HD format. Sux I just hope their are as cheap as DVD’s and DVD+/-Rs

About the one click solution, yeah if DVD-DL’s were $1 or even $2 a piece the transcoding market would be much smaller so many people would opt paying a little extra to not have to wait for compression, and have one click-ability. Alas the media is much more expensive then that so I have to deal with the complexities of going from 1-dvd9 to 2-dvd5. It’s worth it for me for the quality gain I get.




Have a 60" HDTV-

Use the combo below - have never not been able to copy to one good quality disc with any noticable degrading of picture quality-



When you say the combo below, do you mean AnyDVD/Intervideo DVD3? When I tried the Intervideo DVD3 trial (with AnyDVD), the disc played on my computer but not any standalones or any one elses computer. :confused:

Supraman: Why not copy just the move to one DVD and the extras to another. CloneDVD and other software would let you do that. Just rip to the hard drive then choose which files to burn to whatever disc. :iagree:


Yo ricoman-

My InterVideo DVD Copy - is the original version that I picked up for $11 from ussa - but apparently they don’t carry it any more 'cause it doesn’t show up on their site (check eBay)-

The copies play on ANY standalone that I have tried-

I have heard/read complaints about later versions of InterVideo (think you have to go to the “Gold” version to get the features of my version)-



Why not copy just the move to one DVD and the extras to another.

hey ricoman, that’s something i’ve been wanting to do. put the movie on one disc and the extras on another while keeping working menus on both. can’t do it w/ shrink. will dvdfab allow me to do this?


I don’t know about DVDfab. CloneDVD can, but it is a pay software (see slysoft.com). You can check “keep menus” and choose what files to burn to disc.


i don’t think DVD Fab keeps working menus on the second disc…not sure though, haven’t tried to do that yet.


I have no problems making 2 DVD’s, one with extras and one with the movie. But sometimes there are almost no extras and the movie itself takes up around 7gb.


yeah, i had the trial version at one time and uninstalled it. when i tried to re-install, it wouldn’t let me. said trial had expired and i needed to buy. thanx anyway.


so are u saying that u use dvdfab to do this? and are u able to keep working menus for both discs? that’s my main concern.


I just did my first DVDFab DISC it’s awesome! went on 2 discs no compression. The second disc is only the second part of the movie.


i can never get disc2 to play, either on pc or standalone :frowning: