Why is this happening?

This is the second time this has happened and it seems to have something to do with a certain type of ‘dual’ menu layout for episodes. The copy plays just fine on the computer but my Sony NS700P standalone plays only the first second of each chapter and then returns to the movie menu.

By ‘dual menu layout’ I mean the initial menu that comes up allows you to play all episodes or you can choose to play just one episode. Choosing ‘Play All’ does just that, it plays each episode in succession. However, choosing one episode takes you to a second menu for choosing chapters. Once the episode is through playing, it returns back to this second menu.

Now in the DVD2One window both of these DVDs have the same layout in common. Each episode is listed individually as a title with a time of lets say 30min each. In addition to that, all the episodes are combined into one title with a time of 3 hours.

Now it doesn’t matter whether I make a disk copy or a movie only copy, the result is the same, plays fine on the computer but on the standalone it only plays the first second of each chapter for each episode.

Any ideas about this problem? If I decide to buy Studio Pro, do you think redesigning the menu would fix it?

This happened to me yesterday for the first time. I made a backup of Air Bud 5, the Disney direct to video. When I went to try it in my Sony 5 DVD player, it played one second of each chapter. Saw that this happened as well with Jungle Book 2.

The same DVD played fine on our PS2.

Is this something that Disney is doing on their newer DVDs to prevent backups from being made? Is this a DVD2One problem?

lzsj123, I have no idea what is causing this, but I don’t think it’s a protection scheme. I’ve had it happen on two BBC disks, “Hyperspace” and “Walking with Dinosaurs-Prehistoric Beasts.” Both have episodes with the same odd menu layout.

I haven’t seen Air Bud 5 or Jungle Book 2 but check to see if they have the same dual layer menu layout I mentioned above. If so, that may be the problem, one that DVD2One may not know how to handle. On second thought it can’t be DVD2One because the copies play on our computer DVD drives.

If anything, it may have something to do with our Sony players.

The two that are causing me the problem have regular menus. They are both Disney movies though. I think the problem is a combination of DVD2One and the Sony player because the problem does not happen when I use a different software package to make the backup. Maybe someone here will read this thread and solve the mystery!

Originally posted by lzsj123
I think the problem is a combination of DVD2One and the Sony player because the problem does not happen when I use a different software package to make the backup.

Mmm… in that case you may be right. I’m not aware of any other software for Mac OSX that does what DVD2OneX does so I can’t test this out.

I know this is an old thread, but since the problem just happened to me, I figure others might get here with a search.

It hit me, but I was not using DVD2One. I was using other reauthoring software, and it was with a Sony. And it did play fine on my PC and on other DVD players.

So the answer seems to be a bit of both. It’s the way Sony handles some DVDs with problems.

I copied my DVD back to my hard drive, and opened it with IFOEdit. I clicked on Get VTS sectors. For each VTS_XXX_X.IFO, I clicked on VOB Extras, or Menus Extras for VIDEO_TS.IFO. Since I didn’t really need to strip any VOBs, I just rechecked whatever boxes were unchecked when it prompted for each IFO. Make sure to give a different directory for the output when you do this.

After it was all done, I burned a new DVD, and it worked fine on the Sony.
This leads me to believe that something wasn’t quite right on the DVD, but IFOEdit was able to correct it.

This is a known problem with DVD2ONE Disney structure and older Sony DVD players.

I dont remember the models But its the first ones by Sony to read DVD+R and +R/Ws.

The Dvds play well in other set top players. This issue was documented by DVD2ONEs author either here or on dvd2one`s forum.

I got around it by using other software.

Hope this helps