Why is this forum called "CloneDVD" if it's really CloneDVD2?

The incorrect forum name caused me to spin my wheels with CloneDVD for a weekend before someone in this forum informed me that it is really CloneDVD2 that I needed. Can Admin edit to the name to fit the product?

the first version was called clonedvd, if you search Peervh’s posts he explaines it, well a bit of it.


(it’s someplace in there :slight_smile: )

I am working with the staff to have the forum index changed to say CloneDVD2 , This will be a staff decision, but I am trying. I agree it would make things much clearer.

i think that would help a lot, cheers Alan

Please don’t.
My very personal opinion: If you want to change the name to avoid confusion, call it “elby CloneDVD”, or “the real CloneDVD” or “CloneDVD (elby/SlySoft)” but not CloneDVD2.
Otherwise you have to rename the board everytime elby/SlySoft decide to release a new major version.

Excellent idea Tru, with your permission I will bring this up at the Staff discussion. I like the CloneDVD (elby/SlySoft)" idea the best. That should make things very clear.

A decision has been made by higher Staff members other than myself. I think it is a great solution. I will write a “Sticky” explaining that the CloneDVD we are discussing in this thread and forum is the Original CloneDVD from Elby/Slysoft.