Why is this burn "not so good"?

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this was my first ever burn, but I used a (supposedly) good model of burner NEC 3540, good media Sony 8x DVD-R and good software (latest nero) and yet my quality reports from Nero are just barely average and definitely noticeably worse than what others were posting with this same media… I realize this isn’t the world’s greatest media, but I just needed something that I could get locally the day that I installed my burner… I’d like to know if it’s something that I’m doing wrong before I burn any additional disks…

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First, it is generally better to burn the media at the rated speed, especially -R. Many times this will provide better results.

Second, even though the 3540 will scan it is not the most reliable scanner; none of the NEC drives are really made for scanning. So you cannot really compare your scans to those from another drive.

Last, you should update your firmware. The first versions are generally poor. Keep in mind NEC drives usually take a few firmware updates before they are at their best. The 3540 is still relatively new.

See here for firmware:


thanks for the quick reponse, that’s very helpful!


so if it’s an 8x disk, it will generally be better burned at 8x than 4x? slower is not always better? I knew faster than rated was risky, but I assume that slower would always be safer at least…

how come NEC has other firmware updates for other drives on their site, but none listed for the 3540 (when obviously there have been several revisions?)

which firmware (of the NEC ones) should a person use? the latest ones (the internal releases) don’t have the +R and +RW bitsetting like the 1.W5 and 1.01e do…

and between the 1.W5 and 1.01e, i don’t see any differences listed in the table?

I also have a Lite-On SOHD-16P9S DVD-ROM, I’ll try scanning the disk with that to see if it’s any better…

thanks again!!

Hi :slight_smile:
Generally media is best at its rated speed however some media can be burnt at higher speeds with little loss in quality Some 16x media will produce slightly better figures when written at 12x but usually get worse if speed is lowered even more This varies with the writer So experiment
Whilst chas0039 is right about scanning prowess of the NEC drives this can be improved by changing the scanning interval *
Answers to the questions on f/w bitsetting *
You can scan on other drives but generally to get answers that may arise from scan its probably best to use the same drive in which the media was written
*More info here

Scanning on a DVD-ROM can only be used as a comparison of burns for your own purposes. It cannot be compared to a scan done on a DVD writer.

Liteon & Benq burners are usually the best to give accurate scan results.

There are many on this forum who insist that slower burning is better. Fortunately the advice so far given is from the other camp. Rated speed or better is the way to go as can be seen in the NEC & Benq burner forums.

I think what is the best burn speed has to be taken on a case by case stance. A specific media on a specific drive with a specific firmware. You have the ability to test so about all you can do is scan to see what burn speed works best on your drive with a particular media and firmware. I agree with others though, the rated speed is most often the best, but it really just depends on how your drive (not your model of drive, I mean your specific drive because they vary) deals with a particular media. Some good quality media can be burner faster than the rated speed but it is going to vary, even with the same model drive and firmware, one user might have beter luck with overspeeding than others. In some cases, media can actually burn beter faster than it does at it’s rated speed. In my case, ricohjpnr01 burns beter on my liteon at 6x than at its rated speed of 4x, and burns about the same at 8x as 4x. While that scan leaves room for improvment, it is still under limits, so if it plays fine? If you are not happy with the results, try burning slower or faster and scan to see what works best with your drive and the firmware you are running.
Fyi I also agree with everyone else, the 3540 is new, give them a little time to get the bugs worked out. Thier should be future firmware versions that will work beter.
fyi again, thats also part of the learning curve with dvd. IF you get a media that burns less that satisfactory, try another media. Eventually you will find a few favorite medias that work well with your drive that you can keep using. Even good quality media sometimes doesn’t burn well on a particular persons drive. You can try to fix it with firmware or burn speed changes or just go to another brand of media. If you have to burn slower than the rated speed to get a good burn though, I would sugest trying diffrent media. That is usally an indication that your drive/firmware doesn’t like the media, even if it is good quality.