Why is there no DVD+RW DL....rewritable?

Will blueray and HD-DVD have no rewritable media to?



Wait a moment here, let me see if I understand you.

Dual layer media is obscenely expensive, shitty in quality, and for some people impossible to burn without errors. And you want to make all that WORSE by adding RW to the equation? Are you high?

I dont understand. The question in the title and in your post are supposed to be 2 separate questions right?

Anyways, no there are no ReWritable DL DVDs and there wont be any for as much as i am aware of. Yes there will be ReWritable Blue Ray discs (BD-REs if i am not mistaken). I am sure there will be for HD-DVD too.

Yes i’m high by 6 feet 2 inches. If it’s so shitty why do the bother to make it?