Why is there inscreased static on the radio with external burner?

I never really got this with my Sony external DRX-800UL, but now with my pioneer 111 in the external enclosure, when burning, i get an increase in static on my radio which os about 30cm away on my desk. Why is that?? I never get any interference from any other electronics near my micro system apart from with the burner in this enclosure. :kiss: ??

Uhm, how exactly does it “act weird”?

Well, the signal that the radio is receiving gets ‘snowy’ not completely of course, but the radio station that might’ve been clean just a second ago would get more of a background ‘fssssss’ or ‘static’ or ‘snow’ not sure what u call it.

You think that’s bad ? Imagine what it’s doing inside your brain too :slight_smile: Static on your radio should be your least concern :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

heh??? :eek:


Electromagnetic interferences are gonna decalibrate your brainwaves…