Why is there 2 firmware u/g for a07&107

Reading around this forum I thought that the only difference between a DVR-A07U and a DVR-107D was one was retail, the other OEM. If that is the case why has Pioneer got a different firmware update for each one?
Is there really a difference between thse models apart from the software supplied?

the firmware for both is identical but since there r lots of the same drive (oem & retail) ,pioneer put in checks in the flashing part of the firmware to try & stop you flashing a “better” firmware onto your drive

Thanks for the reply but it doesn’t really make sense to me.

Pioneer only has one firmware that you use for either the 106 or the A06 but with the 107 and A07 they have seperate firmwares. To me that means there must be a difference in the hardware.