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Is it really a “super-duper-great-fantastic” DVD±RW drive ??

I am NOT trying to start a “DVD Drive War” or anything… I am just very, very curious as I am seriously thinking of buying one real soon… but others have “advised” me to just WAIT until a few more weeks until the LITE-ON LH-20A1S arrives here to the U.S.A.

I currently have a brand new Dell XPS410 with a TSST (Samsung) TS-H653A (a.k.a. SH-S183A) that I will be using in the “top” bay as a “player” and am looking for a GREAT “burner” to work well with it, to be placed in the “second” drive bay. Please remember, this MotherBoard requires SATA drives !!


Lots of people viewing this but no replies yet… :confused:PLEASE HELP !!

I am seriously trying to make the “best decision” as to which SATA internal DVD±RW to purchase !! I just purchased a brand new Dell XPS410 that came with one TSST TS-H653A (a.k.a. Samsung SH-S183A) which I will keep in the “top” bay and use as my “player”. In my other computers I have (IDE) Lite-On’s(two in one computer) 165P6S and in another computer I have one Sony 810 (a.k.a. BenQ 1640) with a BenQ “player” in the top bin of that machine.

My brand new Dell XPS410 is running MS Windows VISTA (Home Premium) and Roxio EMC 8. The overall “feel” of the OEM SH-183A is really a “flimsy” unit. Perhaps the internals and electronics are decent :confused: , I don’t know, but the tray has an overall “junk and sloppy” feel. Sure I’ve burned with it, but just a few DVD’s and a few CD’s.

I have NO desire or “need” to purchase a new DVD±RW with LightScribe… don’t use it and just one more thing to “fail” in my opinion… so this rules out the Samsung SH-183L.

I heard all the “buzz” of the soon to be released (mid-Feb. ??) LITE-ON SATA LH-20A1S and that has me “interested”…

I also hear “rave reviews” on the highly-in-demand LITE-ON SH-16A7S-06 which NewEgg just can’t keep enough in stock…

BUT… this little Devil :a on my shoulder keeps telling me to “…BUY THE PLEXTOR 755SA…” it has gotten GREAT reviews and made LOTS of people who purchased them very, very happy (well the vast majority of purchasers !!)… “… SPEND THE BUCKS $$…” it will have the “solid quality construction” I desire, but at a premium price… then just as I go and am one-click away from pressing “place order”… this little Angel :flower: on the OTHER shoulder says to me “… DON’T do it… TOO MUCH $$$$…”

:confused:What should this confused, middle aged Computer Geek do ??? :confused:


Buy all of them and switch over - they’ll last you a long time :bigsmile: . Well you don’t really need the Sammy since you already have it - although that’s the only one that’ll look good underneath the original :wink: . Don’t worry about it being a LightScribe version - if you don’t install the LS Host Software it will act just like a non-LS model.


Seriously… the DELL OEM TSST TS-H653A (Samsung SH-S183A) looks NOTHING at all like the retail SH-183L… nothing… the “retail” has a nice round button that protrudes like a normal button should, whereas my OEM (Dell) has the standard rectangular button but unfortunately it is soooooooo recessed (it’s almost flush with the faceplate) that it’s almost impossible to push in. Even my Lite-On 165P6S’s button (another computer) sticks out “normal”, about twice that of the OEM Dell Samsung. The Dell also has a solid black FLAT front panel, NO colored lettering at all and it’s missing that “sculptured horizonial design bar” that goes across the bottom front that’s on the 183L… in other words, it downright U-G-L-Y as far as a DVD±RW goes… I’ve seen much nicer looking $15.00 “players” !! As far as performance… ?? … haven’t had it long enough to tell ya’ but the tray is the “flimsyest” and “sloppiest” tray I have EVER had :a in ANY optical device, including that $15.00 “player” I previously compared to.

OKAY… enough “bashing” the Dell OEM Sammy…:bigsmile:

:confused: SHOULD I SPENT 3X THE CO$T OF A LITE-ON on the PLEXTOR ?? :confused:


If you need it, maybe. :slight_smile:
The Plex has lots of nice stuff like GigaRec, VariRec, AutoStrategy, while LiteOn only has HyperTuning/Online HyperTuning (similar to AutoStrategy).
Plex are IMO less “flimsy” than other drives, if it bothers you. My LiteOn SHW-16H5S is very flimsy compared to my Plextor PX-716A. But this could also be a thing of the past…


I’ve handled my LITE-ON 165P6S’s (two in another Dell 9150 computer - one as “player” other as “burner”) and they felt fairly “solid”… but NOT quite as solid as my Sony 810 (a.k.a. BenQ 1640) we have in our Server. I have not “removed” and “handled” my new Dell Samsung (TSST) OEM SH-183A but the initial “impression” I get from the sloppy, flimsy tray action tells me it’s NOT a very solidly built unit… I may be wrong, but my gut tells me Dell chose a “lesser quality” OEM for this go-around !!

I do NOT mind spending extra $$ for “quality and reliability” although I am NOT a rich guy at all… I just like to get the “best for my money” and I hate to feel “cheated” later :sad: !!

NOW WHAT IS THIS I HEAR ABOUT PLEXTOR GETTING “SOLD” or “BOUGHT OUT” ??? Is this some crazy rumor someone started :confused: ???