Why is removing of the RIPLOCK makes the DVD noisy?

On the NEC ND-3520A Firmware version: 3.04 (and i am guessing with other firmwares as well) it says:

by removing the RIPLOCK the drive will become noisy during any DVD-Video playbacks.

Why is removing of the RIPLOCK makes the DVD noisy?

The riplock is basically a speed limit. If it is removed, the drive spins the disc faster during DVD-video playback, therefore it gets noisier.

It’s a trade-off. :slight_smile:

You can still limit the speed with Nero DriveSpeed and the noise will go away. Hehe =)

Thanks Quikee, I found that and wanted to post it, but you have beaten me to it:)
I do have a question about Nero DriveSpeed: If I limit the DVD spead to 1x, will it limit the recording speed?
I change the speed to 1x when I watched a movie, and then jumped to several “locations” along the movie. The player had no trouble keeping up (i.e. playing right away)

No it won’t limit the recording speed. =)

If it won’t limit recording speed, is there a reason not to set the speed to 1x, so it won’t sound as if a plane is taken off near my chair?

Errrr I am guessing that would be the speed with which I will copy data from a DVD to my computer, man I should think before I post

Hehe =)


Maybe the people at Ahead could make DriveSpeed a little smarter by
providing disk type detection and only switch back to lower speed if the disk is a video disk.

In this scenario:
Not running drivespeed will allways run the drive at max speed (preferred for extraction jobs).
Running the enhanced DriveSpeed will run the drive at highest speed for normal data access, but run quiet when a video disk is inserted.

Wouldn’t that be nice? :smiley:

The NEC sounds quiet to me even reading DL video DVDs at its max speed of 3-7x. The only time I hear it louder is reading SL DVDs at 6-16x speed. But I rarely play a DVD on that drive anyway - I rip 'em and play off the hard disk.