Why is non-embedded artwork taking up 500% more space on iPod Classic



Hi all

I loaded a bunch of albums onto my iPod Classic using Foobar’s iPod Manager (foo_dop). The mp3s on my PC do NOT have artwork embedded. Rather, there is a cover.jpg file per album stored in the folder along with the mp3s.

Everything is displaying fine on the iPod, so there is no issue as such. I am just trying to save as much space on the iPod as possible. When I check the iPod’s folders on my PC, I have the following sizes in the Artwork folder:

ArtworkDB - 482kB
F1055_1.ithmb - 24MB
F1060_1.ithmb - 150MB
F1061_1.ithmb - 4.51MB

And yet all of the jpegs on my PC hard drive total 34.5MB.

So I’m not too sure what’s going on and why the big difference.

If anyone has a moment (anyone who does not embed artwork that is), would you mind comparing your PC Hard Drive and iPod in terms of how much space they use for the same amount of artwork? I’ve no idea if this is happening because it is how the iPod stores artwork, or if there is another reason or something I am doing wrong. I’d be curious to see how yours looks and/or to hear why this happens.




Well, an update has come from another forum and I thought I would post it here in case others stumble here in the future searching for an answer to the same question.

Apparently, the non-embedded artwork on the iPod is in an uncompressed format instead of JPG and therefore takes up more space. Seems a bit odd, seeing as I am loading jpegs onto the iPod. I can only presume the iPod decompresses them at some stage.