Why is Nero 6/7 not modular (massive download)?



Apologies if this has been answered before (perhaps someone can point me to the right thread, as the search throws up hundreds of irrelevant hits).

I’ve been away from Nero for a while, but recently someone asked me a technical question about it, so I came back for a look.

I was shocked to discover that:

[li]Nero is still a single download (no modular components)
[/li][li]That single download is now over 175MB!!!
[/li][li]There is still no option to completely uninstall Scout (which reduces the system to a crawl)

I used Nero for years, and still consider it (the burner) the best of it’s kind, but the massive bloat that it has become is just ridiculous!

The fact is that I neither want nor need any of the rest of the Nero Suite, all I want is the great burning app, but to get it I have to download 175MB of bloat, wait an eternity for the installer to complete (even if I deselect everything except NeroBR), and even then I still have Scout installed, but I really don’t want it. Honest. I really don’t. I’m not kidding. I don’t just want to “disable” it, I don’t want it at all.

Is there a particular reason that Nero cannot be modularised (like it used to be), and give people the choice to just have the burning app, like before?



I would also like NBR as a single app.
No start-smart, no scout, no backup, no silly start menu structure, just NBR.

Guess Nero is following the age old ‘bloat-ware’ path to justify a pricier product.


Nero is now a system with different components, at the begining you have a choice to unchecked those components or module that you don’t want to be installed.