Why is my PSU sooooo HOT?!?!

I just installed a new Thermaltake 420W PSU last week. My system has not been on all day and when I came home from work on my lunch break, I felt the PSU and it is HOT! Why is this?? It is not in direct sunlight. I have never seen a PSU get hot when it is not on!

If anyone can help or give me some insight, it would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

I’ve seen this before… this mostly happens when the PSU can’t take the load it has to carry… perhaps you can install a program like Mainboard monitor pro (MBM, see my signature) and see what the readings of the 5 and 12V channels are (if they are too much out of line, most likely, your PSU is overloaded…).

xtremeskier97 I would get the PSU replaced. The only thing I can see from your comp specs that would be any kind of a drain on your sys. for power would be the 9800. So prolly there’s a manufacturer defect there I would think.


check the bios for the voltage settings and make sure there’s no spikes and/or brownouts going on.