Why is my Lite-On 52x327S so slow?

I just purchased this drive last week and it is slower in several benchmarks including EZ6 than my TDK 4800B. Worst of all it is a snail ripping CD’s to wave, especially in EAC maxing out at 6-7, where my TDK flies at 40+. I have the lastest firmware.
I’m running Win XP, could it be that it’s because I’m running it off a PCI controller card as 2nd master along side my Sony DVD which is pri master. Would things change if I swapped places with the TDK and put it on an IDE?

Most likely it is running in PIO (16x max) due to the controller. If possible, move all opticals to the MB IDE and use the card for HD only.

Promise and highpoint controller cards is known to cause this problem. Promise and highpoint should be used for harddrives ONLY.

If You need to use a controller card for optical drives, try to get one based on silicon image chipset.

I’ve had the same experience; my CD-RW drives don’t work well on my Promise IDE card (I’ve tried), but they work fine on my two cards based on the Silicon Image 0680 chipset.