Why is my Finalized DVD-R missing half its files?

I am completely new to DVD-Rs and anything close to it. But pretty much what happened was I finialized my DVD-R, and I could watch everything on the Video Camera but when i put it on the computer, half of the videos were missing, and the some of the ones not missing don’t work at all. Those files were all in a folder called VIDEO_TS . This disc is a Sony DVD-R disc for Handycam.

That’s not the only problem. I have these other discs, Verbatim DVD-RW, and even after I finalized it, my comupter couldn’t read it. So i unfinalized it and tried again, still nothing.

I really need those videos because they’re for a school project and if i can’t get the out of the dvds… well, i’m screwed.

Help please and thankyou :frowning:

[QUOTE=Kittish;2288784]Those files were all in a folder called VIDEO_TS [/quote] No, they’re not. Check the original disc/media again :slight_smile: