Why is my cd-r alway shown as full



First of all I am doing multisession ( its got a check mark by multi session)
I use nero express 6 , its the software version that came with my LG burner
This is my question …
Whenever I go to check out a data disc that I just burned containing my documents folders on it for a backup
the next thing I do is check to see how much room is left on the cd-r
I do this by clicking on the burner with disc in it and then checking the
cd-r’s properties and this what always happens …it shows that the disc is full all blue no pink at all and shows o mb left on disc every time even if I only have 50 mb’s of data on the cd, but if I try to burn another session on it later on for example I just put on another 200 mbs of more new data the cd with no problem and again when I check it , in properties it shows this time 250 mb’s used on disc and again it shows all blue on the pie chart and o mb’s left but I can keep adding more and more data to it ,as long as its multi session but why does it always show 0 mb’s left I don’t get it ?
If I used up 250 mbs of space on the cd it should show about 450 mbs space left shouldn’t it instead of 0 space unused ?
And how much mb’s will a cd-r hold with the TOC and all on it on each session 530 mb ?..


Use disc info under recorder in Nero Burning ROM instead of the burner properties.


I don’t have the full version of nero 6.6 uploaded for $100 , I just have the nero express 6 with is sort of a bare bones version and I don’t think I can do it with Nero express Or can you ?
Thanks trip


Get Nero Infotool, it will give you detailed information about the disc as well as the burner and the system in general.