Why Is My 3520 Only Reading At 8x?



Nero info tool shows that my 3520 reads DVD Video at a maximum of 8x. DVD Decrypter bears this out as it never goes over 8x when reading a DVD. Any ideas?


Mine says the same with a pressed DVD and says it will read a burned DVD up to 16x so it is probably normal. I hope or I have the same problem.:slight_smile:


they call it a feature! it’s riplock !
flash with a firmware that got riplock disabled :slight_smile: and read @ full speed


Hmmm. Believe I did flash with Riplock removed FW??


I did. I installed this firmware:

LD3520 1.UF
RIPLOCK REMOVED for fast DVD ripping


You need to read the NEC FAQ, or the FAQ supplied with the firmware, For a DL pressed DVD this is normal.


Me bad or lazy.:o


“In the case of the ND-3500 series drives, about 7X is all you should expect.”





Really! Well I did try to answer in the second post and said it was probably normal.:bigsmile:


Completely normal. The NEC can only read dual layer DVDs at 3-7x speed max. With riplock enabled its even slower. The NEC can read up to 6-16x speed for single layer pressed DVDs and DVD+R/-Rs, 3-8x speed max for DVD+RW/-RW.