Why is my 111 so slow

why is my 111 read speed so slow.

attached is my 111. is not finished yet

and here is graph from CDRINFO

That is not slow for a DVD+R media…

how can you say that? its almost 2x slower then the drive tht CDRINFO reviewed.

and here is my DVD-ROM SL speed.(attached, also not finished)

and for comparison from CDRINFO again.


you see, that you are using a different firmware as in the review?


The DVR-111 reads DVD-ROM SL at 16x and DL at 12x
DVD+R/-R at 12x

You can check out the reading performance in our review here on CDFreaks.

Talk about impatient! This guy can’t wait for the speed scan to even finish before posting to complain about 12X read speeds!! You need to take a chill pill bro’…

and for it to reach 16x on DVD-ROM SL it should start at around 6x and in my case where it starts at around 4x

Is this a pressed DVD-ROM your reading or a DVD+R with booktype DVD-ROM?

Tested again anyway.

1st read-back Pressed DVD-Video SL
2nd read-back Pressed DVD-ROM

Argh, don’t you get it?! :bigsmile:
It is not only the mediatype but also the quality about it all…
The truth is out there and we talked about it already. :rolleyes:

True, bad media will slow it down. But you should do better than that with a factory disk. Try one and post your scan and then compare. A quality +R should zing man at the speed of light. Also update to 1.23.

Would be nice if they enabled 16x speed for DVD-+R since NEC is doing this for ages already and BENQ too.

For what? Getting more trouble and issues with crap (burned) media?!?

Far from that. I find my NEC 3520 as a very good reader. Reviewers too came to same conclusion. Bad reading is bad reputation from 25xx series or even older. For BENQ i dont know, but i can tell you NEC reads all recorded media @ 16x without problem and Pioneer should be able to do the same too.

When you get used to 16x speed, especially when you cant wait for something to copy to hdd, then you will hardly go back to 12x. :slight_smile:

NEC burners were always BAD readers. Only with some few patched firmwares they behave better…

As i said, my 3520 reads DVD-R, DVD+R and DVD-ROM perfectly @ 16x. Even scratched media, even Princos! :slight_smile: If you have a chance, test it and you will see. I use 3.07 fw but i dont recall experiencing any reading problems with stock firmware. Also i own 3500 and i dont know if i had any problems with reading at 16x. Only thing which i dont like is not so good CDR reading. If you have a lot of old CDRs LiteON CDRW or Plextors are the best. Plextor is especially good for extracting anything on Mode2.

Check some threads and posts in the NEC section or ask Liggy or Herrie maybe.
It’s no secret that almost all burner models so far from NEC had reading issues the one or the other way…
If yours has not such - you are a lucky one.

Yes, i was lucky 2 times, first with model 3500 and then with 3520. 2510 i already sold and i recall it was not so good at reading. 3540 i returned to the shop without fully testing it since recording quality was lower than with 3520. I believe 35xx series is very good at reading, no matter what others say. Tested with at least 1TB of data. :slight_smile:

To stay on topic - i had Pioneer before and i think its capable of 16x reading.

i played mine pio to 111L 8.19 and problem is gone, same disc and i get faster read speeds

that disc was titan quest DVD btw