Why is Lame Greyed out



On my Plextools Pro in the DAE section, Lame is greyed out. Is this something I need to install separately? Also MP3 (Windows Media Encoder) is greyed out. I’m using PT Version 2.23. Thanks alot


yep, you need to install the appropriate DLLs in order to use the other encoders…

just place the DLLs in Program Files>Plextor folder… you can find any/all codecs here:


Thanks drpino, do you recommend the newest version 3.97 alpha 11 or 3.96.1 stable. Stable sounds good to me.


you’re welcome :smiley:

i personally go with 3.96.1 stable…3.97 is only alpha (not even beta) at this point anyway…

here’s the changelog in case 3.97 addresses an issue you’re concerned about:
LAME 3.97 alpha (CVS)

[li]Robert Hegemann:[/li][list]
[li]Fixed and out of array access[/li][li]Fixed some small rounding problem in vbr-new quantization routines[/li][li]Updated scalefactors allocation scheme in vbr-new[/li][li]Fixed mingw32 configure problems[/li][li]Resolved some compiler warnings[/li][/ul]
[li]Gabriel Bouvigne:[/li]

[li]Changed some FLOAT8 to FLOAT[/li][li]Reworked -q1 and -q0[/li][li]Updated presets[/li][li]Fixed an error in ISO quantization on systems not using the IEEE754 hack[/li][li]Faster quantization[/li][li]SSE version of init_xrpow[/li][/ul]
[/list] LAME 3.96.1 July 25 2004

[li]Robert Hegemann:[/li][list]
[li]Fixed a rare bug in vbr-new (could lead to crashes or data corruption)[/li][/ul]
[li]Gabriel Bouvigne:[/li]

[li]some fixes in ACM codec[/li][li]fixed padding when encoding to 320kbps[/li][li]fixed block size selection for mid and side channels[/li][/ul]