Why is it taking me 10 Minutes to read 3% of a game disk?

Why is it taking me 10 Minutes to read 3% of a game disk…I have a NEC reader and an IO/MAGIC WRITER, I am trying to copy Tiger Woods 2003 at 10x, 6x and even 4x and I am getting nowhere…should I choose the "copy cd’ option or should I choose “write to file” option…I am using the pre-formed profiles that I found on the forum but exactly when do I choose to use those profiles…I need some serious help I have been trying to copy my games for several months and quite frankly I am begining to loose patience…I could use some serious help.

10 minutes for the first 3% is normal for cds with safedisc protection. The protection uses unreadable sectors in the first ~10,500 sectors (generally a little over 3%). Just let the reading process continue and it will return to normal speed as soon as it’s finished reading that part of the cd.

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