Why is it HOT LG22LP



[qanda]This thread is about the LG GSA-H22L. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]ok here is my setup. I have as Master the Pioneer DVR115DBK and as slave the new (received yesterday from Newegg, replacement) the LG22LP. I was recording four movies at the same time using IMGBURN. Plus I have two external burners, the Samsung S03N + Benq 1655. All running. When they finsihed, the only one really hot, I mean hot was the LG. Is that normal? Is it that I was running too many burners? Just curious. Thanks all.


Well i’m returning to new egg the LG. 2nd one. Now when i place a blank dvd, the actual unit does not show. I have Vista 64. It worked for one dvd burn yesterday, now this morning after a fresh start, the actual dvd burner does not show on my computer. Returning it to Newegg. When i returned the first one on my comments on my return I had asked to replace it with another Pioneer 115, but they sent me the same unit. I guess I will need to call them on this one. I will ask for a pioneer 115 or 215 if they allow me to exchange since LG is not doing good on my PC.