Why is it hard to make 1:1 copies?

I cannot say I know exactly about all the protections and how they work, but I know the basics that most protections are hiding in CD/DVD errors, other protections create smaller/greater gaps between pits on the CD, and others detect whether the media you have is CD-R or CD-ROM.

Now, A CD-RW has to UNDERSTAND what its reading and thats where the problem comes in (I think).

Is this why we cannot recreate 1:1 copies of StarForce and SafeDisk 3.20 and even SecuRom 5 (well, Plextor can)?

Why is it necessary for the CD-RW to understand what its reading?

Now, the lowest hardware core level of a CD is just pits in the metal. So, why is it not possible to BLINDLY copy the position of all the pits? Aren’t pits (and they distances between them, their sizes) the only way to create data on a CD-ROM/CD-R? If so, they why isn’t StarForce copyable?

Now, I think optical drives do not read EVERY single pit and that causes the problem. So, is it not possible to create software that forces your optical drive to read the CD over and over and over and over again until it detects 100% of all pits and then copy the data on your hard drive (and later on on a CD-R)?