Why is it burning slower than rated speed?



I burned a ~2GB iso file to a Maxell DVD-R disc that’s rated at 8X according to the packaging, but Plextools Pro said the actual burn speed was 4X. What’s going on here? I’m using a Plextor PX-716SA drive.


Even though the discs claim their certified speed is 8x the drive won’t notice this. It will determine the write speed based upon the information that is stored in its firmware database. If it doesn’t recognize the inserted media it will use a low but safe recording speed. Also, if the drive does recognize the disc but sees that the write speed must be 4x it will use that speed. Another issue is that PoweRec might be kicking in because it thinks that 8x recording is not safe enough. You might want to try to disable PoweRec to force a higher recording speed but note that this might result in a coaster. Good luck :wink:


You only burned 2GB of info, the drive does not start out at max speed. Try a full disc and see what happens.


Even so, the Plextor drives don’t normally touch 4x at all if the burn speed selected is 6x or higher. And a 2GB burn on a Plextor is plenty large enough to see 8x speed given it’s 6x>8x P-CAV burn strategy. Something else is going on.