Why is DVDROM noisy with audio disc but not data?

I have a pioneer dvd-120 rom, and doing a cd quality scan with nero with a data disc it’s ok, but put in an old retail bought audio cd and it starts whining louder the faster it goes… the liteon cdrw doing the same test is quieter with the audio cd…

confused because the dvdrom is quieter with the data disc even at a higher speed.

Maybe I just answered my own question… The retail cd is unbalanced.

I found a music cd that didn’t have silkscreen artwork, just simple text on top of a silver background.

No whining noise problems with that one.

Therefore I suspect the silkscreen cd I bought in 1991 is unbalanced and the liteon 52x writer can handle unbalanced cds better than the pioneer dvdrom-120 can.

Liteon drives uses:

VAS® ( Vibration Absorber System ) to reduce vibration & noise during recording & reading