Why is dvdfab trying to contact the internet?

i have just been checking incidents on my pc for hacker activity and noticed dvdfab is trying to connect to somewhere on the internet and my checkbox for update is not enabled. mcafee is blocking this activity but i find this strange what else is dvdfab set up for? please provide me with peace of mind that dvdfab is a secure product and is not being used for alterier motives?

Hello, woofer. Sometimes DVDFab does that with me, especially after I’ve updated. Read somewhere a while back on one of the threads that DVDFab’s just checking to see that the program hasn’t been corrupted during the download/update process.
IMO, you’ve got more to worry about from the likes of McAfee and Norton.
Fengtao has always said that there’s no spyware/adware/malware in his code.
See you later, then. Jim. :slight_smile:

If the “Check for updates automatically” box is UNchecked, it could be the VSO burning engine updating the burn success database on their (VSO’s) website (not sure if this is still done).

I think that that’s what’s happening. It did stop trying to report to VSO for a while, but this seems to have resumed this with recent updates.

Because I’m not connected and have my anti-virus/firewall shut down while burning discs, I don’t let it connect, and after I refuse the connection, the burn starts as normal.

it probably is due to updating as it doesnt happen all the time. but if it does not need to do this (and obviously doesnt because dvdfab has been faultless for me,) with this check being disabled my question was why do it at all?

Take a look at the release notes for some of the updates–protection schemes for movies change often. Fengtao said the update checking only happens once a week, if it’s more often it’s something else. If you’re in the forum often enough, you don’t need this feature; just read the release notes and see if you need any of the fixes or new features. (But bear in mind that there are fixes that sometomes are not in the release notes, e.g. coping with changes necessitated by windows security updates).

Likewise, I’m quite certain this is VSO phoning home. Nothing but burn data is being sent, no personal info of any kind. VSO is simply compiling burn data to add to their data base. This came up last year when some users were having trouble finalizing. As James said, you can allow or refuse the connection via your firewall.

I’m prompted on each and every update to allow/refuse. This has occurred for as long as I can remember.

Sorry, forgot to add. This has happened consistently with various firewalls.
Norton (haven’t had it on any of my systems in more than 2 years), Panda, and ZoneAlarm. It’s never been an issue with my routers (hardware firewall).

Hi woofer
The reason the VSO burn engine connects to the internet is so the author of the VSO burning engine can keep track of problems with the software so they can improve their product, you are not being spied on so you have nothing to wrry about