Why is Blindwrite Tweaker always on auto

Created an image with Blindwrite v5. But somehow I tried to set the tweaker manually instead of auto thenRun Blindwrite. On the Profile window I can only see it is still auto no matter which options I choose. I tried to ignor it however the backup failed. I still prefer Blindwrite v4 over v5. At least the old version is easier and reliable than the new one. I never have any luck with it somehow.:frowning:

Dont worry about the profile being greyed out on automatic this is normal in BW if launched by the Tweaker.

As long as at the top LHS of the Blindwrite window you can see “settings by BW5Tweaker”

Why dont you tell us all what is title is failing and produce a log file for us too look at, then we can get to the bottom of this problem.


There are FARCRY & VIETCONG ALPHA. Both failed to load however. Don’t know how! I’m getting very frustrated after so many attemps failed to run the back up. I think I’m gonna dump Blindwrite and use Alcohol 120 instead. Hopefully I make the right choice this time. Clone CD use to be very good ever since version released. Since then they just getting nowhere near others burning proggies. This is very sad for everybody in the forum indeed.

Nearly forgot. I would like to show you the log but I forgot to save it. I’ll do it next time if it fail again.

your asus drive will not be able to backup those titles correctly…the only option is to use AUTOPLAY…then the tweaker will not be used…just use the automatic settings in BlindWrite and your backups will work
…alcohol will not be able to produce a ‘correct’ backup. you will have to use 'it’s emulation tooo…stay with BlindWrite

My is a Litey. Is the Asus same as Lite On? I have tried the autoplay in Blindwrite. And I keep getting a message INSERT THE CORRECT CD ROM or contact WWW.Secrom…for detail. This is very annoying that you won’t be able to put away the original and use the copy instead. Look like the good old day had gone. Since the protections are getting more sofisticated. Our rights to make a 1:1 legal backup are virtually non existance.

if you get that ‘message’ then BlindWrite.exe is being blacklisted by that game…you will have to wait for an updated version to play…thus the original will have to be used … can you give the model number of the LiteOn drive you own

LTR 40125S. I used the latest version of Blindwrite after First Alpha released. I thouhgt it should be ok. But the backup just spining and nothing happened except that message. Worst is if I use Damon Tool together then I will have a ACONFLICT EMULATION message causing me neither the original and the backup not working altogether. These are the latest and toughest protection I’ve encounter so far.

i ‘thought’ might be wrong that the latest version of Daemon Tools has by-passed latest SafeDisc protection

My Litey could be spinning indefinitely. I couldn’t even shut down my PC. After I restart my PC manually and I got a system 32 error message telling me to put Win XP disc on it to repair the OS. I don’t know what is going on out there maybe Damon Tool v3.46 doesn’t like my PC!

try loading the image itself into Daemon Tools…since your backup is not ‘100% correct’ backup

I’ve tried loading the image of both games. Except Farcry. I can only install but refuse to let me play. The other one First Alpha wouldn’t let me install either. I think I better wait for the new version of Blindwrite and Alcohol to see whether they can kill Safedisc v3.2 and Securom v5. I’ve been spending countless of times to test these games out. Unfortunately, they all failed. I think I better give up buying any games for the moment since our consumer right for a 1:1 legal back up is no longer the case unless there is another burning programs allow you to do so. I still miss the old legendary version of blindwrite v4.2.2. It doesn’t need any emulation softwares to play these games at all. I wonder when they made a come back for us!

hey fanatic just read this post… http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=92600

might give that a shot; might prove to be the best solution