Why is benq holding back on the 20x writers firmware

i am so curious as to why benq is taking so long to release these firmwares i am sure a lot of us 18x owners are eagerly a waiting it also :wink:

BenQ DW1800 and Lite-On LH-16/18/20 are all the same. BenQ is nomore so Lite-On rules. Sure you understand they first and for all promote their own branded drives (LH-20A/LH-20H), :wink:

Get a Lite-On LH-20* drive and you’ll have “20” firmware. Not that its any better then others mentioned above. :smiley:

Of course it’s better ITS FASTER!!, i have too been waiting for the firmware for my “20” so i can use Qsuite.

I think you should be able to use QSuite anyway, can’t you?, (check last pic in this post).
QScan is not there and never will be on MediaTek based drives.

BTW, can’t agree that faster is better when it comes to these “LH” drives. They are vibrating like he**, noisy like airplane taking off when spinning at 11k rpm’s…
No, not better for my liking, sorry. :bigsmile:

Your right about the vibration, mine already died once and got a replacement, i now have alot of coasters were it will just slow down and stop while writing, this drive is prob the worse experiance i’ve had since my first 2x CD-R burner 8 yrs ago!