Why is 40125W so slow? (it's not the media!)



Hi guys, since this forum seemed to have a good bunch of people that took time to help others I figured I'd post this question here.

I have a 40125W and when I try to burn a cd with any program except clonecd it takes forever. Clonecd burns in <3 minutes whereas Cdrwin, Nero, and Roxio all take anywhere from 5-9 minutes for a cd which is ridiculous.

Now, before any of you start screaming media, it is not the media as all programs detect it at 40, clonecd can write it at full speed, and nero cd speed shows it at 40 as well. Here are the results from Nero Cd Speed:
CD-ROM drive information
Vendor LITE-ON
Product LTR-40125W
Firmware Version WS05

CD information
Type Blank
Length 79:59.73

Test results

Transfer rate
Average 31.37x
Start 18.86x
End 40.04x
Reading type P-CAV

So, can anyone out there tell me why I am seeing 3-4x longer burn times than I should get with this burner??


Slow computer?

CloneCD uses less CPU power compared to Nero and Easy CD-Creator.

Don’t know for CD-R Win as I do not use it.

48X writing in Nero 5.5 uses all CPU power on my AMD 1,4GHz
40X uses about 80-85%

That’s why I often stick to CloneCD or CD-Mate as they seems to be less power hungry…


Do you have DMA enabled, if not that would be the problem.

BTW: OC freak my Duron uses very little cpu burning at 48x, may want to check your settings.

Nero of course but same cpu with other programs.


I think it’s Win XP that is bugging me big time then…

Time to UPGRADE to windows 2000 again.


Current setting on drive channel is Ultra DMA Mode 2 (it is master on primary channel with no other drive on it)

CPU is not my problem, as I have Athlon XP 1900+ with 512MB RAM

And I am also in WinXP…


I think a better question is… what are you trying to burn? Is it a copy of a protected CD? If so, it takes longer to copy. CloneCD will work quicker than the others.

If it’s taking 5-9 minutes to burn a MP3 CD, something is wrong.

Lastly, CD speed is not totally accurate, poor quality media is going to result in poorer quality and slower writes, regardless what it’s detected at.


It’s not copy protection or music. It is a normally a cue/bin iso image so nothing that complicated.

As mentioned above it is not poor quality media and it in fact writes very well and fast with copy protection stuff in clonecd (which you yourself say takes longer) and cd speed tested with it performed well too.


It could be a corrupted bin which would make it harder to burn. When I burn bins nero uses very little cpu, don’t know what the problem would be.


Well, it is not just 1 .bin and in fact I created my own image thinking that as well. I have conisdered many circumstances :slight_smile:


you could try another firmware for your drive.
also, use mtkflash to flash your drive, it’ll make it much easier to move from one firmware to another :slight_smile:


Originally posted by OC-Freak
[B]I think it’s Win XP that is bugging me big time then…

Time to UPGRADE to windows 2000 again. [/B]
I doubt it’s Win XP – I get anywhere between 5-20% CPU usage (hard to say, I’m doing other stuff on the PC) when burning at 48x with my overclocked 40125S. Machine is an Athlon XP1900+ overclocked to 1720MHz – which is faster than your CPU, but not by that much.

Are you using a VIA chipset motherboard? If so, try (re)installing the latest 4in1 drivers?


I think it’s Win XP that is bugging me big time then…

Time to UPGRADE to windows 2000 again.

Tried SP1 build 1068? Seems to make for a stable system…