Why imgtool is slow?

why imgtool is so slow when I do an ISO image(before tu burn)???, it takes 3 times more than DVD shrink, or Nero…

Yes, my observation too.
It seems that imgtools classic uses much smaller buffer to write to the hard drive, which in turn means many more writes, and this slows it down considerabely. As you said, I use DVD Shrink to make ISO, so I never research if imgtools can be tweaked to increase performance.

i think the best way, is to use 2 HDD, one read and one write.
wait 45 minutes to make an ISO file, is that a joke???i will delete imgtool from my PC.

Free usefull and working programs should never be called “joke”. Just don’t use it if it is not what you want.

Anyway, are you sure you you make an ISO on only, say. 4.3GB size? maybe you have more files you burn than you need? Also, get program like HD Tune and benchmark your hard drives. Good defrag will also help.

I have used Imgtool Classic. To create a ISO from a video_ts directory on the HDD should take no longer than about 15 minutes.

Yes, That’s about the max on my machine as well. (?)