"Why I’m uninstalling Windows 8" Article

Read here: http://www.pcgamesn.com/article/why-i-m-uninstalling-windows-8

[QUOTE=nekrosoft13;2652194]Read here: http://www.pcgamesn.com/article/why-i-m-uninstalling-windows-8[/QUOTE]Thank you for the article i can agree with most of it but i still like windows 8 the part about the calender i really agree with and the email it purely sucks.:iagree:

But it is a new OS and MS still has time to change somethings before the retail launch will they is any ones guess but knowing MS the dumb arrogant shxt’s are not reading the blogs and reveiws of windows 8 and I really don’t see MS putting a big dent in the mobile phone and tablet market either, they are way behind in both the mac and andriod OS’S and windows 8 is proof positive. JMO.:slight_smile:

they won’t change anything, windows 8 is final, from RTM to Retail it won’t change. they can later at some point update some metro apps, but this whole metro junk stays

People still talking about 8? :eek:

He doesn’t even know what he’s talking about. Did this guy poke around AT ALL in Windows 8?

“If you want to start Steam, you’ll want to launch the Desktop app, and then launch Steam.”

You do NOT have to go back to the regular desktop to launch an app.

  1. There are tile for your apps on the Metro desktop. You can unpin any you don’t want there and you can rearrange them however you want.

  2. If you right click on a blank area of the Metro desktop a bar appears at the bottom of the screen that says “all apps” Click this and all of your apps are listed on tiles in alphabetical order. All with out leaving the Metro interface.

"there’s no on-screen preview of what’s running to help you quickly switch between programs."
Yes there is. Move your mouse to the top left hand side of the screen and a tile showing where you were before will drop down. Move your mouse down a little and a list of open apps will drop down.

I found all of this just buy experimenting. This guy didn’t even try to find out how the OS works. He hated Metro and because of this he didn’t even [B]TRY[/B] to give the OS half a chance. Seriously biased article. Seriously biased writer.

I do agree however that the Calendar Photo Music and Video apps are [I][B]terrible[/B][/I]

If you want start menu, use Win7 :slight_smile:

Any reason to upgrade to Win8?

[QUOTE=nekrosoft13;2652194]Read here: http://www.pcgamesn.com/article/why-i-m-uninstalling-windows-8
NEC ND-3550A @ 4551A (LABELFLASH!)

I see you have a NEC ND-3550/4551, I have one too, and one of the problems I have with Windows 8 is scanning CDs and DVDs with CD-DVD Speed or Opti Drive Control. For some reason the speed settings are not the same as before (XP, Vista, Win7), in old CD-DVD Speed they are 4x, 7x, 11x and 15x in Windows 8 - They used to be 5x, 8x, 12x in Windows XP-Vista-7. In ODC they are 4.9x, 7.9x, 11.8x and 15.7x. Annoying, but hopefully the software still give correct results.

I guess I have to test the same DVDs in both Win8 and Win7 (I still have Win7 around too) just to make sure tests are accurate before I make a full move to Windows 8. (I have many other issues with Win8 - using the Enterprise Evaluation right now, but I hope that with various tweakings I can get it running ok once there is a proper release of Win8 Pro).