Why I love the Canon MP610

I am using this printer to print directly to my dvds full color. Interesting enough…my ink cartridge has given me errors 4 times saying I ran out of ink…yet I just kept printing…take a look at my magenta ink pic below (its the one i am using most for my printing…) It has nothing according to the PC, yet I have successfully printed 400 DVDs with one cartridge - I bought the magenta ink for $3.00. lol…btw…im still continuously printing and the ink is still perfect.

As for the other inks…im gonna keep printing until i waste a dvd that has bad colors on it…but so far… Im IMPRESSED!

Be aware that running a tank dry can burn out the print head fairly quickly.

[QUOTE=CDan;2452361]Be aware that running a tank dry can burn out the print head fairly quickly.[/QUOTE]

Yes it can and especially on the Cannon printers as I’ve heard several people say the print heads burn out
pretty quick anyway without even running on a empty ink tank. :eek:

as long as you have ink in the cartridge you will not burn out the printhead as i am presently running the same print head for almost 3 years, just by keeping an eye on ink levels, but if you burn out a head the cost of the head is usually about 60.00, so either spend the 12.00 for a new cartridge or refill for about 1.00 each

Thanks for the heads up. My next set of dvds will be with the new ink cartridge to play it safe.

For reasons that are not clear to me, I find that the red lasts the longest after the printer says it’s “empty”. The yellow and cyan run dry much quicker. Blacks last a while too. But having cooked heads on more than one Canon, I learned it’s usually better to err on the side of wasting a little ink. :iagree: You can visually check the ink level in the sponge, it’s pretty easy to see.