Why I hate dell

Proprietary parts. In the last few years, I’ve had to special order a power supply and other internals for my dell desktop. Lower cost alternatives were/are available, but dell manages to keep them from being usable. They changed a standard pinout for the psu, for starters.

Now, I want to upgrade my ram. I received rambus ram, which was their latest/greatest iteration, and has not/will never catch on with anyone. the cost to upgrade this ram from 256 to 512 is, no joke, 314.96 american.

from the deals page at gotapex.com

DellSB - Dimension 3000 with 2.8Ghz P4, 512MB of DDR SDRAM, 80GB HD, 48x CD-RW, and 2 Year Warranty for $379 after Rebate with FREE Shipping plus FREE Color Printer

i hate dell

Is that it?

  1. Upgradeability is practically Zero for some of the reasons outlined above.
    If you want to mount new HD’s either because you need extra capacity/speed/etc you will need mounting kits, which cost almost as much as the actual HD.
    If you want to mount a CDrom, same issue. Floppy drive… nuff said.

AGP slot? What is that? My current video chip is playing up/ video has gone bust. Existing video chip is onboard & steals your memory from the Main System, even that shiny new video chip in Dells “Ultra High performance Gaming Machine”, which turns out to be the 64MB (shared) Radeon 9100 (IGP)…

  1. PCI slots … hmmmm…
    Lets see … TV tuner card … SB audigy…Oh no! Only 1 PCI slot! Nooooooo!
    Don’t make me choose between games & Digital TV!

Don’t even get me started about their laptops. I don’t even know where they manage to track down non-3D video chips anymore. When nearly everything, even Intel chips have basic 3D, dell still manage to find miscellaneous video chips which have basic video IO and no actual 3D image processing, meaning game performance is faster in software mode than Direct3D / OpenGl modes. On a pentium 4 Laptop with 1GB ram (less video buffer) & 80GB HD @7200RPM, expect a 6yr old 3D game to perform at an ultra high 12FPS.

What’s that? You want to install a Type 2 PCMCIA card? Sorry, we only support slimtype cards (Type 1).
What’s that, upgrade the ram? Sorry, no slots, we solder ram chips directly to the board.
What’s that? You want to connect your laptop to an external monitor.? We have a dongle here which costs almost as much as the original Laptop.

Th eonly one thing that gets me abotu dell, is how they make dead silent PC’s yet use fans and keept the temps so damn low, soon as I turn my Smartfan down a few rpm my temp goes up 4degrees just being idle and surfing the web.

Low power chips.
HD & CD/DVD drives set to minimum performance.

Maybe they even employ someone to engineer cases with maximum airflow to minimise expense on active cooling components.

They may even buy fans/etc & have them run at 1/2 speed, 1/4 airflow.

If you hate Dell :a (dont we all) click here:http://www.illwillpress.com/tech.html I’ve only called a Tech Support company once, since then if I have a problem, I get my neighbours 8 year old around. (or let my 9 month old son mash the keyboard)

Dell may not be perfect, but is there any better one?

I tried to find a great 17-inch LCD notebook from Pricegrabber.com. The Sony US$2,500 Pentium M 1.7GHz notebook looked good. 1920*1200, 100GB HDD, 1GB RAM, and so on. But we all know Sony likes to use proprietary standards more than anyone else. However, the model had support for SD and CF, too.

I have a Dell server at home, too. Dual Pentium 1GHz, PC133 ECC Registered, redundant power supply, 80-pin SCSI using hot-swap panel, slim CD-ROM drive. Most parts are not easy to replace. Not even easy to add an IDE HDD, but still it was the best server I could buy for under US$400 in early 2003.

from what i know dell are pretty good, i have a MESH, they seem pretty good, my Sony was awful, worst computer i have EVER had was a Packard Bell, crashed every 30 secons, phoned tech support, said “its not faulity, do a re-install” 15 re-installs later they took it back, 4 weeks later we got a phone call from some guy, they had sold him our faulty pc as new and left our warrenty (with adress, phone number etc) in the bottom of the box.

ben :slight_smile:

Are you comparing a Dell to a custom-built system? Compared to a lot of the PCs one would see sitting on a Best Buy shelf, Dell isn’t that bad, I don’t think.

I have 6 Dell PCs since 6 years ago, starting with PII-300Mhz, and the latest is P4 3Ghz (bought last month from deals@cdfreaks :bigsmile:. I say Dell is good. I’ve had around 6-7 phone calls only during 6 years. Not bad right? and every calls my problems were solved. One of the biggest was harddrive failure, after 10 minutes test the rep determined my hdd failed and the next day I got a new one in front of my door. Now, don’t know when was started, Dell support is in India. I don’t say is bad… it just doesnt sounds right.

My latest is Dimension 4600 (for wife :iagree: ), mini tower, with a little “manuver” I manage to put 4 internal HDD, and I can still see some “space” to put 1 or 2 more LOL. I do care about the cooling system, but don’t know where to put extra fans lol.

My second latest is Dimension 8200, full tower, I manage to put 6 HD. again cooling system is not well–dont know where to put additional fans. Actually this box is abused, I put 6HD, 2 dvd burners and all PCI slots fully booked, and all the holes on back is hooked (printer scanner etc) but for more than 2 years this one never failed me.

My third latest is Dimension XPS B, P3 1ghz. One of the memory slot cannot hold the memory stick well, too many pull and push changing memories lol. I called Dell and ask if they have a motherboard, they quote me $250. Bahh, for P3 1Ghz!?!?! I bought one @ebay for $17 plus shipping.:bigsmile:

I hate dell two weeks ago (but now not anymore lol). Dell Bios doesnot support UDMA4 for Optical (dvd burners). The problem is solve with ATA controller lol.

Oh btw, the last two above uses Rambus (RDRAM), and yes they are very very expensive!!!

I always found Dell one of the best OEM brands… although I prefer IBM over them. But to be honest… I’d never buy any OEM computer when there are build-it-yourself alternatives (so that’s except laptops and sparcstations). The one thing I hate about Dell is that they don’t sell AMD based systems (yet) :wink:

Dell may not be perfect, but is there any better one?
Simple, do a little research, build your own system twice the power for half the price, no generic brand parts. (building a system is easy and fun, anyone whos done it knows that) If you get something wrong, you wont destroy it, it just wont work, and you’ll learn. As far as Tech Support, you cant go past this forum, with the combined knowledge, understanding, and experience that makes Dell and others look like preschoolers. I’m not saying their dumb, but to them its a job, this forum is fun and relief for most.


Dell isn’t particularly bad, as far as pre-built PC’s go. The principle of a prebuilt PC though is to make it cheap. They do this at the expense of any possible future upgradeability. Perfect for Business which simply throw out their PC’s after 3 years & buy new.

Not good for home, where the customer may decide to upgrade one part at a time.

From the computer (fair) markets, I can put together a system equivalent to a Dell machine at approximately the same price. Difference is, i can change any part at any point in time & have my choice of case/etc.

I bought Dell Dimension 4600 P4 3Ghz 512mb 40gb keyboard mouse for US$379 plus tax with 2 years warranty, last month. So can you custom built twice the power (I assume P4 4Ghz 1GB 80GB) for US$200? Sorry, no offense tho, but I won’t buy dell with their regular price. It was on sale. :bigsmile:

Also, it’s not to difficult to sell a used Dell (on ebay or to college students) compare to a custom built pc.

Remember kids, Dells are put together by childworkers in Uganda.

Without Dell, much part of the mainland China and Taiwan economies will disappear. Uganda or not, let China and Taiwan throw out Dell. South Korea will be glad to have Dell suppliers inside the border.

It was some years ago South Koreans attacked many IT companies as well as other multi-national companies in other industries for abusing workers. Most of them had to give up and left. They are now in Singapore, Taipei, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Bang Kok, Dong Guan, Guang Jou. Otherwise, I would have earned a lot more. :slight_smile:

It is also common, very common for South Korean employers to beat and rape workers from the Philippinnes, Thailand, Nepal, Indonesia, China, and other Asian countries. Not always, but happens too often. They abuse them because they want to take advantage of the workers because they stay illegally to work to send money to their home countries. Is it best to send them home for the sake of human rights? Is it best to listen to the jobless South Koreans and give the jobs back to the domestic South Koreans? South Koreans earned the money to make it from US$100 to US$10,000 and beyond by working in such conditions, too, in the United States, in Germany, in Canada, in Japan, in Saudi Arabia, and in other countries. It was better for them to work overseas than to work for domestic employers. They made money working in the hot Saudi and Libia desert and fighting in Vietnam, so much that wasn’t possible inside the country with any ease.

I don’t know what you meant by the childworkers in Uganda. Does Dell have such facilities in Uganda? There should be at least one or two billion ready workers for Dell in East Asia alone, willing to work for 120 hours a week for US$1 per hour.

Well not childworkers in Uganda, but as you say workers in China who work under conditions any westerner would refuse to. I do not know if Dell has a ethical guidelines policy as HP does but one can hope. Still reports on worker - employer relationship in China does not matter to most Dell-buyers, but rest assured would these computers be assembled in the western world under similar conditions all hell would break loose.

I bought Dell Dimension 4600 P4 3Ghz 512mb 40gb keyboard mouse for US$379 plus tax with 2 years warranty, last month. So can you custom built twice the power (I assume P4 4Ghz 1GB 80GB) for US$200? Sorry, no offense tho, but I won’t buy dell with their regular price. It was on sale.
Of course no offence :slight_smile: I guess I went on an exaggeration tangent with that comment but you get my drift. That is an amazing price, but bring into consideration this: can you upgrade? did it come with a vga card or is it onboard vga? alot of these sytems come with no AGP slot and if they do its not 8x. They also come with generic brand RAM, good enough for most purposes, but as a hardcore gamer, I can tell the difference between Generic and Kingston or Corsair all of the same specs. 40g HDD are a dime a dozen now too, as 40g has been considered super small since the Terrabyte (1024Gb) external HDD was released. I definately cant knock that price, the best Dell deal I’ve seen here was $1,800AU, (P4 2.6Ghz/512Mb/40g HDD)hence the comment.

Also, it’s not to difficult to sell a used Dell (on ebay or to college students) compare to a custom built pc
Sadly name and brand is everything, like how everyone wants NIKE’s, Ive had plenty, laugh as you will my $20AU Dunlop K26’s outlast them everytime.

Yes it can be upgraded. It’s for my wife so I just give her with the onboard Intel Extreme Graphics 2 video. But it has one 8x AGP slot, 3 PCI slots, 4 memory slots. Here’s the specs (mine is P4 3Ghz 800Mhz FSB). http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/systems/dim4600/en/4600i/sm/specs.htm#1119251

Now it has 4 internal hdds, an external hd and an old hp200i plus cdrw. :bigsmile: Too bad the PS is only 250watts, I hope it holds.

If what Dell is doing in China is far less ethical than what HP is doing in China, then it’s a big minus for Dell.

It’s unfair to compare worker conditions in China and in the West. I would pay you personally US$1,000,000 if that could allow me to work in the Western world, of course not just temporarily for one year limited time as a manual worker. US$1,000,000 is an insignificant amount of money if one consider how important a life is and should be really. Of course, to pay money for such a reason is illegal and unethical itself, but that’s how it is between this part and that part of the globe. Those who come to South Korea from southeastern Asia do so by selling everything they and their family have and they still borrow from neighbors. Just to come. Not to buy something. Now, multiply one million by 50 million, all in USD. That’s only a small part of the price to live as a nation. Situations in the mainland China are far worse than in South Korea. Very few South Koreans will risk their lives just to live overseas. Only money.

What I mean is that it helps Chinese more to send more companies like Dell to China. It will enhance the average quality of life in China very much if Intel finally decides to build a fab or something else very important in Shanghai near the Budong airport.

BTW, bodnara.co.kr and kbench.com had some disagreements publicly. They both sold ATI cards provided by Dell Korea. Something about the afer-sales service warranty seemed wrong, buyers noted and protested. Dell and bodnara.co.kr explained and even revealed Dell sold the cards to Bodnara for a little over 140K Won, a little over 120 USD per unit. Kbench sold them for over 240K Won. Bodnara sold them to end users for a little over 180K Won. At what price Dell receives these cards from manufacturers would be interesting to know. Dell charges very much for various components in their notebooks and desktops, not to mention servers. Often, Dell and HP components are distributed on the retail market. They were meant for OEM distribution only in the first place but sometimes not all units go into the boxes for sales. The rest better be sold to end users even through “black” markets. Keyboards, notebook carrying bags, graphics cards, mouse, HDDs, DVD writers, they are all cheaper than retail products from dedicated retail vendors. I bought 20 Compaq (which is now part of HP) USB ball mouse for about US$5 per unit in 2000 or 2001 that I still use a lot. It was cheap then.

@Zevia, did some research, man us aussies get ripped off. The Dell 4600 same as yours retails here for $1665 AU thats $1265 US.(today) It comes with an 80g HDD and choice of a Radeon 9800 or a generic DVD+R/RW Dual Layer. I worked out from a mates price list I could build the exact same system (in a generic case) for $1468 AU ($1115 US) Retail and $1329 AU Trade ($1010 US) So there isnt much difference. To build an AMD system that can surpasses its power, (my ultimate gaming machine) would cost me trade: $1890 AU ($1436 US) 17" monitor speakers, everything included. There is a similar system at an electrical store near me. It retails for $3200 AU ($2432 US) I’ve always been an AMD man, because of the price, and when it comes to AMD my statement I believe holds true. I’m very surprised to see how much Intel have dropped their prices, I can remember when the 3.06Ghz HT came out it was $1500AU!