Why i can't pass the protection of the game?

Hi! i’m new in cdfreaks.com.
I have a problem:i cannot pass the protection of many games.
examples:Splinter Cell Chaos Theory
The Suffering TTB
Toca Race Driver 2
World Racing 2
GT Legends
why it doesn;t workif i disabled cd with starforce nightmare?it should work!!!:frowning:

My computer specifications are:
intel P4 @ 2,8 Ghz
1024 Mb RAM (@400 Mhz)
Maxtor 80 Gb + Maxtor 200 Gb
nVidia GeForce FX 5200 128MB
OS: Windows XP professional with SP2

pls help me :bow:

PS : It always appears after checking disk"Insert <<GameName>>disc into another drive and press RETRY"

What are the copy protections on these games?

i don’t know…:frowning:

A-Ray is your friend.

For Splinter Cell Chaos theory A- RAY detects StarForce

for Trackmainia sunrise it detects StarForce too

GT Legends - StarForce detected

how can i pass over these protections?pls help

You can use your original disc.
If you dont want to use it,
1: Download the trial version of alcohol and make the images of your game discs.
2: Download daemon 4.03 and install.
3:After that ,Shut down your pc and unplug your physical CD/DVD.
4:Mount the image of the play disc.
Then you can run.